Sunday, August 4, 2013

~ this week in stills ~



1.  Oranges on the table  - left over soccer oranges.  I made an orange cake with them today.  This one.  But I was too impatient to ice and eat no pretty photos.

2.  The girls have been growing crystal trees...and we've been learning about crystals along the way.

3.  He scoots everywhere.  NOT interested at all in learning to ride his bike.  He likes to go too fast for that!

4.  Piccolo* snugged up on our bed.  Cats really do have the best lives.

5.  Nutmeg trying to decide whether she's coming or going.

6.  O is for octopus.  This has to live on my bedside table apparently.

7.  We made trashies into ice cubes and then watched them melt in the bath.  Best use I have found for them.  

8.  Meringues for the soccer kiosk - my go to canteen recipe cos its so easy.

9.  More of those daffodils

Another week.  Sunshine and then snowy winds. Days at the park, days in the garden.  Soccer and hockey games, parties, kiosk duty, parent help, gym, ballets, birthday dinners with friends...our lives.

I link up with Em each week to share some snippets of our week.

ps = the cats are for you Kathryn


  1. Such a lovely set of happy snippets from your week Ally. Why ride when you can zoom I get how much more fun that would be and those meringues so pretty with sprinkles on top. Ahh yes I would have to agree cats really do have the best lives. Wishing you a wonderful week ahead. xx

  2. That fruit bowl is lovely (as are the oranges) and I really love the photo of Nutmeg! I was quite surprised to see some little daffodils poking their heads out of my front yard this week - but didn't get the chance to photograph them. I noticed when I visited my parents today that there were some blooming already in their garden too. Is that common? I've never really noticed before if they've sprung up before Spring!

  3. yum, those meringues look yummy. Younger Sister, Amy, made a meringue pie for dessert tonight, can't wait to eat it!
    And thanks for thinking of me and my lack of cats, Ally! Both your kitties are so cute. :)

  4. I remember having one of those trees once :)

    the kitties are very cute, the daffodils are gorgeous & the meringues look yum!

  5. What a fun looking week. I would love to be in the sleeping cats shoes, or should I say paws :)

  6. Gorgeous photos. There really are beautiful moments to capture every day, aren't there?

  7. Lots of creative fun at your place last week Ally. Those crystal trees have grown so well! I love seeing bare arms in the winter sun, a sure sign things aren't too cold - or that the child has a stubborn dress sense (we have a bit of both up here).

  8. Wow what a busy week you have had.
    Your photos are beautiful especially liking the cat tail :)
    Have a beautiful week.


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