Saturday, August 10, 2013

~ 10 on 10 for August ~



1.  Mt Wellington first thing this morning as we headed out to soccer.  The girls played in sleet and then sunshine.  It was a typical Hobart 4 seasons in one day kind of day really.

2.  A grapefruit from our tree for breakfast this morning (you can't see all the sugar!)

3.  The post-soccer strip at the front door.

4.  A puppet show with "duck" the duck puppet he made yesterday in kinder.

5.  Nail art for 4 year olds

6.  Same mountain a little later in the day

7.  First anemone for the year - picked and adorning the kitchen table.

8.  Besties in spots and stripes on their way down the street.

9.  Afternoon tea at Ginger Brown - our fabulous local cafe.

10. Just before the clouds and rain came again.  I love these single blossoms.

This was our Saturday August 10, 2013
I'm joining in with 10 on 10 here.
What did your day look like?


  1. Such a beautiful collection of photos from your day, looks like fun:) Love yummy places to have afternoon tea and I always adore your flower photos. Enjoy your Sunday. xx

  2. Wow, beautiful. That flower, and the blossoms... just lovely.

  3. I want to go to ginger browns! The last shot of the flowers is beautiful. Such pretty colors.

  4. Oh that gorgeous anemone. I've had some flower too. That afternoon tea certainly looks good too.

  5. Love the soccer boots etc all piled up, a typical Saturday I imagine- beautiful flower shots.

  6. Oh my goodness, I do miss that mountain! x

  7. Beautiful set! Those flowers and super fun nails!

  8. the mountain is beautiful and those look like some yummy slices.
    my day was spent volunteering at our information centre, trip and business planning with younger sister, eating hot chips and crafting. :)

  9. Beautiful...I love that mountain after visiting many times when my sister lived close that you play sport no matter what the weather. xx

  10. Very cute nails!! I wish I would remember to do 10/10, but alas I've only ever managed the one time. Mind you, theoretically I could just pump out ten photos on any given day... is that the same, though? I think not! x

  11. Hi Ally, Lovely photos. I especially like the duck and those cute fingernails. Makes me wish I had a little girl sometimes. Thank you for stopping by mine the other day too. :)

  12. That photo of the boots pile on the floor - that could so be my house any given Saturday morning :) xx


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