Sunday, August 11, 2013

~ our week in snippets ~

1.  Another blossom shot.  Because I can't walk past it without taking shot. And it makes me happy.

2.  He has to have the green striped bowl and the monkey spoon every morning.  Or else.

3.  Fejoias in our vegie box this week.  We've sampled a couple, not really sure what to do with the remainder.  Any great tips?

4.  Dippy eggs - a weekend staple.

5.  Pretty rainbow necklaces (from here)  - Catherine sent extras for the girls so they could be rainbow-y too.

6.  Playing minion run on an old phone that he has snaffled for his own purposes.  That tongue is still out!

7.  Happy cats.

8 and 9.   Today they tiny posies, bound them with washi tape and set up a flower stall - they have big plans for hitting the markets soon - I'm not sure my garden is up to it.

10.  We're planning a big trip next year.  I can hardly bear to think about it because I get too excited!

I've just got home from hockey - we had a 9pm game tonight - so late!  We won 4-2.  I'm not going to sleep for ages now...should be folding those mountains of washing.
Hope your week is fab

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  1. Oh My Goodness! Paris road trip?! I'm liking the sound of that. Loving those rainbow necklaces you have there :) That flower stall brought back many childhood memories of my own. A lovely week to you Ally.

    Sophie xo

  2. Hello, I was just wondering which vegie box you get? (Sorry, not tips for fejoias - out tree never seems to bear any fruit)

    1. Thanks for your reply - I tried a sample box from Hilbarn in May and it was great, but it had a lot of fruit that we already had a glut in from our garden (which makes sense as it is so seasonal). Might have to give it another go as our fruit trees are bare and our vegie garden is still a twinkle in our eye ;)

  3. love the little flower stall! that is so cute! hope jess doesn't get hold of that one as my garden definitely wouldn't be up to it. x

  4. What lovely snippets:) I can't go past blossoms either, Ally. Those are particularly gorgeous. I have my flowering quince out at the moment. They are but sticks in this new garden of mine but I can't stop looking at them:) Love your little posies for sale:) x

  5. Oh Ally your photos always fill me with joy! Love the little blossoms and how cute are the kitties by the fire. Hope you have a most beautiful week.
    Sophie x

  6. Aww I love these pictures. Reminds us all how the simple life can be the most joyful.

  7. Love all the flowers, especially the blossom and love love love the world map! :)

  8. Loving the flower posies for sale!

    Thanks for the link, it makes me happy knowing you and your girls are all rainbow-y :) (I hope your little Mr did not feel left out, I did not have enough beads for another one, sorry)

    And France, OMG, I am excited for you!!!!!


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