Sunday, July 28, 2013

~ snippets and stills ~



1.  Today we made beautiful rainbows and lots of mess with watercolours, wet paper and lots of imagination.  The highlight - just spodging on colour and then tipping the page to mix the colours in long wet trails.

2.  Kinder work from this week.   Awwww....

3.  A pink iceberg from just outside my office window.

4.  We made a washi tape road.  And then we had a lot of cars (in patterns) desperate to use the road.

5.  I have no idea what prompted this moment of silence.  But in better news - she has learned to tie her own shoes now!

6.  It's no secret I've been enjoying the blossoms this week.

7.  Hidden amongst the blossoms - a perfect web - I'd love to go back with a spray bottle of water for some gorgeous droplet shots.  Have you ever tried that?

These are just some of the little moments from our week.
I really love the glimpse it gives in to our lives - and its so much fun peeking into other lives over here where Em hosts the weekly linky.

What was the highlight of your week?

Friday, July 26, 2013

~ floral friday ...blossoms ~


I admit to being completely obsessed with blossoms
Especially the first ones that appear now - in the midst of cold, grey days.
Their flounciness*, pinkness and hopefulness just gets me every time.

Happy weekend!

* if that's not a real word it really should be

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

~ on gaining perspective in a cloud of marshmallow pink ~

First day back at school today and I was feeling out of sorts;
  • impatient with the the youngest who was still at home and being all kinds of demanding.
  • resentful of the mess that lay all around - what looked like fun holiday games yesterday, today just mocked at me and my inadequate domestic goddess skills.
  • scratchy, irritated eyes from a niggling viral conjunctivitis.
  • swirling, chaotic plans in my head when what I seek is clarity of thought.

Then the afternoon sunlight hit the blossom tree over the road.
I think I may have gasped out loud.

Five minutes of time alone, snapping away, marvelling at the pinkness of the coming spring was all it took to turn my day around.

If only it was always that easy.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

~ stills from the July holidays ~



1.  Our garden is awash in yellow - lots of new daffodils are appearing daily - including these sweet Golden Dawn ones.

2.  Sunlight and those curls during sandpit play earlier this week.

3.  Strawberry pancakes for breakfast this morning - we used Bill's recipe and it was a total winner.

4.  A new motto for our walls.  Do you like it?

5.  Lily busy writing postcards as part of the love postcard project (it's a postcard exchange programme for kids - such a great idea - they cannot wait to get their own pretty mail).

6.  Ever since we got back from Melbourne its been airport play here - there are planes lined up everywhere and lots of zooming noises going on.

7.  So much rain today.  Our backyard is now swampish - and we're moving onto boat play.

8.  Confused by the weather (as we all are) some very early blossoms are appearing down our street.

We've had quite a slow last week of the holidays.  
A few home days (which I love), lots of garden play, Despicable Me 2 (we all loved it) and some sleep overs.  
We head back to school on Tuesday with mixed feelings.
What's your week been like?  What does this week hold?

I'm joining in with Em and sharing snippets (and stills) here.

Monday, July 15, 2013

~ school holiday snippets ~





Another week of phone snippets - even though I took my big camera to Melbourne for 3 days I hardly took it out - and most of the shots are overexposed and/or blurry - really need to make some time to get to know that f1.4 lens.

Its school holidays week one.  My resolutions to be calmer and not so "yelly" are not fully realised but I'm trying. 

We've been to the park, for coffee, we've crafted and cooked and had 3 wonderful days in Melbourne visiting friends, ice skating and getting lost in the wonder that is Monet.

1.  Hellebores from the bottom of the garden sitting in a make-shift vase making me happy.

2.  Happy arty-crafty walls.

3.  Afternoon tea at Daci & Daci (a must do if you're visiting Hobart)

4.  Sweet Alice defrosting after one of our chillier mornings.

5.  Black Puffer tribe - the Tasmanian winter uniform loose on the streets of Melbourne.

6.  Great coffee spot in Caulfield.

7.  Matching legs and the brightest sneakers she could find anywhere!

8.  That gorgeous ceiling at the NGV.  The Monet exhibition was superb.

9.  Those curls and the water window at the NGV.

I'm linking up with Em's lovely stills collection

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

~ 10 on 10 (for the very first time) ~


I may have remembered it was the 10th today (happy dance) but I didn't remember to charge my Nikon batteries after the frosty marathon yesterday.

So my first ever 10 on 10 are from the phone.  And from a day where nothing much happened as the girls were at a hockey training day and Jack was at daycare.

1.  Our mountain from the back door (Mt Wellington) - all glowy and pink this morning.

2.  Another frost.  Not as bad as yesterday but a very chilly start once again.

3.  Creating shadow monsters in the hockey car-park before the training day started.

4.  A quick coffee before stretchy class at the gym (gym goes better with coffee!)

5. and 6.  On my walk to the post-office.  Only boring mail today :-(  But pretty trees and fascinating walls.

7.  Freshly picked snowflakes sitting in our bedroom 

8.  Journalling - look, I'm even up to date!

9.  A little gift for an IG friend - it really is the most amazingly supportive and friendly community.

10.  Nutmeg in the afternoon sun.

We're off to Melbourne for a flying visit tomorrow.
Hope the rest of your week is lovely.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

~ baby it's cold outside ~

This is real time blogging.. its chilly out there... and beautiful.. I had to go and grab the camera before getting the wood, feeding the cats...didn't want to miss my chance!

Its truly a winter wonderland of crystals, ice and sparkles.

My knees are cold and wet, I'm off to sip green tea and eat my porridge.

Have a lovely day.