Sunday, July 21, 2013

~ stills from the July holidays ~



1.  Our garden is awash in yellow - lots of new daffodils are appearing daily - including these sweet Golden Dawn ones.

2.  Sunlight and those curls during sandpit play earlier this week.

3.  Strawberry pancakes for breakfast this morning - we used Bill's recipe and it was a total winner.

4.  A new motto for our walls.  Do you like it?

5.  Lily busy writing postcards as part of the love postcard project (it's a postcard exchange programme for kids - such a great idea - they cannot wait to get their own pretty mail).

6.  Ever since we got back from Melbourne its been airport play here - there are planes lined up everywhere and lots of zooming noises going on.

7.  So much rain today.  Our backyard is now swampish - and we're moving onto boat play.

8.  Confused by the weather (as we all are) some very early blossoms are appearing down our street.

We've had quite a slow last week of the holidays.  
A few home days (which I love), lots of garden play, Despicable Me 2 (we all loved it) and some sleep overs.  
We head back to school on Tuesday with mixed feelings.
What's your week been like?  What does this week hold?

I'm joining in with Em and sharing snippets (and stills) here.


  1. Another lovely week. Your Golden Dawn flowers are so cheery, something to tide you over the cold, wet weather. We've just had our last week of school holidays too - back into homeschooling tomorrow.....

  2. mmm, those pancakes looks good :)

    it has been super rainy here too - the farmers are happy, but it can make getting the washing dry a little awkward

  3. Ally Thanks to much for you lovely words and above all introducing me to the Postcard Swap! What a brilliant idea and so up Sunny's alley!

    Sophie xo

    P.S. Absolutely loving your new motto :) I'm working hard on living it myself. I've bought material to make myself a wall hanging with a similar message.

  4. Gorgeous mementos, holidays are always a great time.

  5. All beautiful- gorgeous daffodils & I love the sunshine & curls!

  6. Hot hot hot here. And kitchen being demolished, so messy too :-)

  7. I really want some of those pancakes and strawberries. xx


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