Sunday, July 7, 2013

~ snippets - the vignette version ~

Day 1: celebrate

Day 2: favourite colour

Day 3: stationery

Day 4: contrasting

Day 5: winter

Day 6: cheerful

Day 7: cleaning

I've been snapping vignettes all week - and looked today only to discover that the memory card on my Nikon was empty ... oops!
So this weeks pics are my vignettes from the Instagram competition/linky that rolls round each month courtesy of Jen from Interiors Addict.  

Its such a fun week - and does give a glimpse into some bits of our life - even if they are a bit more "arranged" than real life here.

School holidays now for 2 weeks - I love the holidays - just hanging out with my kids is one of my favourite things to do.

What's happening in your world this week?
Which vignette is your favourite?  (mine is winter - mainly because of those gorgeous hellebores {winter roses}).


  1. Lovely vignettes! My favourite is 'cheerful'. I remember reading the 'Katy' series; nice to be reminded seeing it there in your pic!

  2. You're so clever at these, i had a go last month & decided that vignettes is not my gift:) I rather like what you've done to those steel wool rosettes.

  3. I think that cleaning never looked so pretty.

  4. I honestly couldn't pick a favourite out of these - I love each and every one! So lovely :)

  5. These are so pretty! I love the "favourite colour" one.

    PS: Enter the Cosima Skincare giveaway today:

  6. I love no.6 cheerful. Happy holidays x.

  7. Been LOVING your vignettes this week! So clever! I can't resist your fabulous take on cleaning! Too much fun!
    Sophie x

  8. these are beautiful - I love winter (those hellebores are gorgeous) & also celebrate :)

  9. Oh so lovely! My favourite vignette is no. 2, your favourite colour.

  10. Those vignettes are so fun! I love the flowers in #5 :)

  11. Yeah for school holidays, have a wonderful break with your little ones:) If I had to pick a favourite it would have to be your white vignette and I just love your stationery too:) xx

  12. Number 1 and 3 are my favourites, but all are so pretty!
    I'm enjoying my last week of school holidays this week before my final semester starts, eek!


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