Thursday, July 4, 2013

~ kids were here [July] ~

It seems (almost) inconceivable that one day I will be nostalgic about half-eaten food lying around, puddled ballet tights, polar bears in the freezer because "he's happier there" and so on and so forth (almost ad infinitum) but I know I will.  

Oh how I will.

I'm joining in with the kids were here project that runs over here.  

Beautiful photos, amazing moments, memories in the making.
Life as it truly is with children.  Messy.  Lovely.  Fun.


  1. Love the sign on the door!

    Gorgeous photos...

  2. I've been meaning to join in with this project too as it's such a precious way to record those seemingly everyday moments that as you say will one day be all such special memories. I love your captures... the dinosaur, the cupcake with the icing eaten off it (my Sophie does this), the keep out sign, the polar bear... adorable! However, it's your words that are equally beautiful and love-filled x

  3. I LOVE this project. I wanna play too. Oh my goodness, how many projects can one person do? :P

  4. I loved your last post on this and love love this one. I too remind myself that one day I'll be reminiscing about a house that is lived in by kids xx

  5. So funny and cute! I know what you mean about the nostalgia. Sometimes I just want them to stay small forever. The polar bear in the freezer - well, of course, it is so obvious! xx

  6. I love the kids were here idea! Maybe I should take some shots at school when the new term starts? Does it count if the evidence is from teenagers and not your own kids??

  7. I just love this project, seeing the signs of them being there:) I have to confess that I really miss this, the sweet little toys but there sure are still signs that my girls have been somewhere just a bit different these days:) I just love the polar bear in the freezer. xx


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