Sunday, July 28, 2013

~ snippets and stills ~



1.  Today we made beautiful rainbows and lots of mess with watercolours, wet paper and lots of imagination.  The highlight - just spodging on colour and then tipping the page to mix the colours in long wet trails.

2.  Kinder work from this week.   Awwww....

3.  A pink iceberg from just outside my office window.

4.  We made a washi tape road.  And then we had a lot of cars (in patterns) desperate to use the road.

5.  I have no idea what prompted this moment of silence.  But in better news - she has learned to tie her own shoes now!

6.  It's no secret I've been enjoying the blossoms this week.

7.  Hidden amongst the blossoms - a perfect web - I'd love to go back with a spray bottle of water for some gorgeous droplet shots.  Have you ever tried that?

These are just some of the little moments from our week.
I really love the glimpse it gives in to our lives - and its so much fun peeking into other lives over here where Em hosts the weekly linky.

What was the highlight of your week?


  1. Oh, I'm always so envious of your gorgeous blossoms, Ally! Highlight of my week(end) was definitely skipping town last night to go bush camping in an ancient Central Australian riverbed. Magic!

  2. Wow the rose, blossom and web photos are divine. I had to go back to look at that rose a second time, maybe a third. And I loved the "I'm not talking!" note :) xx

  3. Oh Ally! I'm having a giggle at the non-verbal communication! I just mentally fast forwarded to Sunny's teenage years and envisioned her leaving me 'I'm not talking to you but I need this...' written messages :) Oh the pleasures we have to look forward to as mothers!

    Sophie xo

    P.S. I adore those rainbows!

  4. Beautiful photos. My boys love making washi tape roads too, it's amazing how simple tape can occupy them for hours. H x

  5. I love these posts of yours, Ally.
    The highlight of my week was probably between the girls shopping trip to town and discovering my favourite author had agreed to be my mentor.

  6. ,such pretty flower shots, lovely memories from your week x

  7. Lovely collection Ally. Number 2 is my favourite - very special.

  8. Such beautiful snippets! Thanks so much for sharing your has certainly made me smile. Hope your week is grand :)

  9. Gorgeous!
    I love spiderweb shots yours is wonderful.
    Have a beautiful week.

  10. So beautiful! That spiderweb is just amazing! And that second photo gets me a little teary, hope I get a little note like that one day.
    Sophie xx

  11. gorgeous photos - I love the web & they are so pretty with droplets on them, I say get the spray bottle out :)

    we had a girls day in town trying on dresses & buying fabric - 'twas lost of fun!

  12. Gorgeous photos! Love the washi tape road and how cute is that little note she wrote;) Precious memories x


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