Monday, July 1, 2013

~ garden mood board - June/July 2013 ~


Today we have had gale force winds, showers and weirdly high temperatures (about 18 today when we've been getting used to 12s)
I ran outside at lunchtime gathering examples of everything that's blooming... it was only a small handfull ... some roses, daisies that never seem to end, the first jonquils and snow flakes and a hellebore.
The pictures are kind to the garden - it doesn't look pretty at all - its bare branched, empty spaced and fairly bleak out there.

How does your garden grow?
I share a mood board each month with Karin and other lovely gardeners and photographers.  Come and have a look.


{A mood board for this time last year can be seen here}


  1. I just adore your shots ally, they are always so pretty and thoughtful. Hopefully tomorrow will be less windy. X

  2. So so beautiful! It looks like you have spring in your garden. Everything is flowering here now but tonight it's raining. Have a lovely week ahead! x

  3. a flower pretty. wild weather here too. hope the sun shines for you today. Al x

  4. What sweet and pretty flowers. Your garden must be a delight.

  5. So beautiful, those colours makes me happy :-)

  6. I think your weather has made its way over here! Super windy, and same, not so cold. Your garden moodboard looks ever so pretty. The colours, and beautiful soft images are lovely. My garden is a mess - to say the least. It needs some serious attention!

  7. Such a pretty collection of flowers and colours:) My garden is mostly just plants no flowers, I must start a garden with some flowers. xx


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