Monday, July 18, 2011

~ house of the book ~

We love books.  We love libraries.  
We have "too many" books (still debating whether this is, in fact, possible).  We certainly have more books than shelves.  
We love to read.  Some of us live to read.
It's one of our "things"
I can't go to sleep without reading something.  Lady L is usually to be found curled up reading one of the 5 or 6 books she has on the go.  Princess G has just got her chapter book "licence" and HRH Little Lord J asks for books more than ABC2!  The Doc is so caught up with work reading that he's lapsing a bit but get him on holiday....

So here's a quick look at what we're reading.

 HRH LL J (2 and quite a bit now) reads anything.  You can tell Peepo is a favourite from the mending down the spine but the numbers and robots get a good go too - and anything by Pamela Allen.

 I've been waiting for this for soooo long (its the final installment of the Earth's Children saga by Jean M Auel).  Read the first one about 25 years ago.  This one is a huge disappointment.  I'll make it to the end but I'm skipping lots (and I never do that).

 The Doc is reading for work.....yawn

 Lady L (8) has just raced through all the Harry Potter books and loved them to bits.  This was the choice from school library this week. ??? We made the Lemon Delicious.  It made her happy.

 Princess G (6) has just graduated to chapter books.  She is loving that she is big enough to read these on her own.  I think the Moody part of this is right up her alley (!)

And the beautiful rainbows I made when we moved all the furniture just recently.

What are you reading and loving?


  1. Ooooo books, I love them too. I am reading the Chronicles of Narnia with my Daughter Mia (7) currently on Prince Caspian. I am enjoying them just as much as she is. Hubby has a pile of books for college he is always trying to get through and I just read Girl with a dragon tattoo...not as good as all the hype! Probably won't read the other two. Thanks for your comment on my India post, really appreciate it :)
    Suzie xx

  2. ah, the tiny seed :) One of my classes one year made the giant flower -it reached the roof!!

    Reading (proper reading) is a holiday activity for me. Once I start a book I really must just read it all the way through and I get too frustrated at stopping to have to go to work!

  3. I remember when my daughter, now 12, started chapter books. Could have bought a second house on the money we've spent on books over the years (should have discovered the library much earlier!). Some things are just worth it, though.

  4. That is so wonderful to hear that your children love books so much and it sounds like they are fantastic readers. My oldest just loves her books but the little one is a bit slower to enjoy the reading for herself, she would much rather us do it for her, hmmmm. I'm sure she'll get into it eventually but we keep trying.

    Thank you for my birthday wishes on Wednesday.x

    Have a great weekend:)


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