Saturday, July 2, 2011

~ seeking order ~

My life has descended into chaos in the last 2 weeks
The government's threat to close our school has completely taken over my life and I'm eating, breathing and not-sleeping school statistics and government speak gobbledygook.  
My phone does not stop ringing and every time I turn around my inbox ( all 3 accounts) is overflowing again.  Everyone wants a piece of me (no, it's not all about me - but it feels a bit that way).  
I feel overwhelmed and out of control. 
It's all I can think about, talk about...
And then I looked at the shots on my camera and there were these;




I like that.
I need more of it.

Maybe in a fortnight.


  1. Like I said - thinking of you!
    Nice to be able to look at your pictures and get a little sense of the world being right :)
    Hope your world regains a big of oder soon...

  2. Good lord - look at my spelling in that last sentence!! I don't think I can go back and edit it!

    bit of order soon.

  3. big order is what I need!!!

  4. As I struggle with our own entirely different school woes, I am thinking of you and all the other families battling to keep your schools open Ally. I was a bit dismayed reading Greg Barnes in the paper today, But whatever the outcome, I hope this struggle will pull communities together in a long lasting way.

    You must be in need of a big (orderly!) rest.

  5. Congratulations on the big turn-around. Wonderful, wonderful news!


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