Monday, June 27, 2011

~it's the journey, not the destination~

Who knew, when I trotted out a pithy and witty speech about this for the Grade 12 public speaking competition, that it would become my mantra?  Certainly not me - I was headed for University, a career, travel...
Life as a (mostly) SAHM to three littlies was NOT on my "to do" list.
The joys of a 3 minute walk to the shop taking 45 minutes because you have to investigate every gutter, fallen leaf, dead bug on the way, the hidden pleasures of singing that one song over and over and over again with different voices, the utter thrill of discovering how playdoh feels mushed into 100 different surfaces were not known to me.
So yes, my life is not quite as I imagined it.
It's slower, richer, more rewarding.
And every day I learn more about my capacity for patience - -sometimes as I mutter ..."its all about the journey...not the destination" but  more often as I revel in their achievements alongside them - thanking someone for the blessings of this life.

And so to today's lesson...
Cooking - one of those activities I love to share with my kids...we learn, we laugh, we have time together and from it we create something yummy. 

Or so the plan goes.
Often its derailed by the fights over who gets to break the eggs, the first turn of the sifter, the first lick of the spoon...
Or at 5.30 pm, when speed is of the essence and I'd really rather they just watched tv,  the "me help mummy" and "I'll peel the potatoes" (from Lady L who bless her heart wants to help but hates having dirty hands and is so determined to get it just right that it takes 20 minutes for each spud)
But today was a good day.
We took turns, we shared, we listened to silly songs turned up loudly and sang along, we didn't spill anything all over the floor and 20 minutes later the smells were amazing.

Ta da!!

And we gobbled some down quickly while they were warm.
And they were divine. 
Lucky we did, as it turns out.
10 minutes after the shot was taken and we were enjoying playing outside and finishing off our first ones, Piccolo, our gorgeous but devilish kitten, took it upon herself to sample the top of every single one.


(cue: the mantra)


  1. Wonderful post! I've always loved baking and cooking with my Mum and sisters, whether it's as an actual helper or as chief taster :P

    Hope Piccolo didn't get a sore stomach! ;)

  2. Thanks Amy
    Piccolo is fine :-)

  3. baking together is the best (Amy is a very good taster ;) & those look very good - no wonder Piccolo wanted a taste.

  4. Oh yes, i had 4 babies in the first 5 years out of my double degree years at Uni, children - that many, weren't the plan when i did year 12 either, but i met & married my teen love, children were soon the part of our equation in our early 20s. So much fun, especially when you've done the hard yards, raised them to school & continue on the housewife path, then it's 6 hours + a day off parenting & you can play too, like that 3 minute walk only taking 3 minutes!! Love Posie

  5. why haven't you told us about your blog???? OMG!!! I'm going to go through and have a read now. xoxoxoxoxo


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