Wednesday, June 15, 2011

~new beginnings~

Empty pages are inviting and daunting in almost equal measures...where to begin?

I've been thinking about blogging for a while now...I stumbled upon a couple of blogs, linked to a couple more, dared to comment and felt I wanted to participate in a bigger way.  Then the volcano in Chile volcanoed, our school holiday trip to Melbourne was torpedoed and I found myself with some time on my hands...

So here I am,  hoping this is the start of something good (or amazing).

I think I'll probably post photos  - I'm slightly obsessed with my camera,   I'll talk about pretty things, the things I love and what I'm thinking about.  There's certainly going to be lots about the wombles as I try and remember all those precious moments of their growing.  There might be bits about books, the garden we're hoping to improve and the house we're loving.

I'm hoping some of you will join the conversation (and now I sound like Richard Fidler!).

Welcome....and stay tuned.


  1. Well Richard Fidler is one of my heros (he asks great questions) so you've got me in! :)

  2. yay :) .. looking forward to everyday miracles ..

  3. Hello Sue - I'll see what questions I can come up with
    Thanks Karen - lovely to see you here :-)

  4. Thanks for entering my giveaway & following my blog. Your off to a great start, and just to give you a giggle...I had to look up the word bibliophile. Looking forward to following you :)
    Suzie xx

  5. Thanks Suzie - a giggle is good

  6. i'm hooked!!!! how can i not!
    i love blogs and can't wait to read more xoxoxoxo

  7. Am also hooked Ally. You inspire, which for me is what blogging is all about. Happy Hump Day. :)

  8. It's December 1 and I've just 'discovered' your fabulous space in Blogland.

    I'm so pleased that you took the leap in June and started to create what is a truly lovely and eye-poppingly inspiring place to visit.

    Your photography is really something and you have a strong voice.
    I look forward to following along and receiving all that you share.

    Happy day!


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