Wednesday, June 22, 2011

~mail love~

I love getting real mail. 
You know, that stuff with a stamp, real handwriting and a non-white envelope.
I've always loved it.
I was one of those geeky kids who had a pen-pal.  And kept them.
I remember writing to one of my best friends who went away to South Africa for a year - every week for a year.  The fun I had choosing the paper, the envelopes, the little bits and pieces to include kept me going while I was missing her so much.  And of course it meant I got some replies.
I still get that little frisson of excitement if I see something handwritten and addressed to me in my letterbox - it makes my day.

So its no surprise that I joined up with a postcard swap I found over at Zoe's amazing blog.
(I would have joined the snail mail I found here in a FLASH if we had been around for the posting dates). 
We have received some lovely postcards with reading recommendations in the last couple of weeks.


We've loved reading the cards, looking at the stamps and just enjoying the little thrill of mail from people we don't know.  That we've found some fabulous new books to enjoy is a bonus.

So its got me thinking about sharing the love - I plan to spend some time every Sunday night writing a letter or two to some friends (instead of the brief facebook or email message that I seem to resort to when guilt strikes) and see if I can't inspire some return mail love as well.


  1. oh yes, nothing quite like snail mail! I did a handmade postcard swap ealier this year and it was fabulous recieving mail from all around the world ... my children,especially my 8 year old loved it.

  2. Oh what a I lovely idea! :) I can imagine how you all enjoyed reading the post cards and what a great idea getting those reading tips. I will Flickr-mail you! xx

  3. What a lovely idea. I have visions of buying a lovely bureau & sitting down to write letters, pay bills, fill in children's permissions slips etc, at a lovely writing desk. Love Posie

  4. what a lovely dream Posie!! except for the bills

    can't wait Karin

  5. Hi ally,

    this is all so nice to read, i kept on reading after i read about the lovely little cake episode with your naughty kitty. Snail mail is wonderful and i have it on my to do this in my holidays coming up. If you want a postcard from my travels, send your address to my flickr email & I will write to you from Lord Howe island ..(or the "Lord of the Flies" holiday one of my siblings has renamed it...5 days in 2 tiny apartments with my siblings, parents & assorted partners, on an island ;)

  6. Hello rpg
    Would love to get a pc - hope you post them early in case you are one of the LOTF victims!

  7. i couldn't agree with you more!

    that wonderful time that was once spent writing real letters- whilst really thinking about the person you were writing too...
    not just a brief email between school runs!

    lovely to have found you through Sarah in Tassie....

    melissa .....miss sew & so....

  8. i agree with you Ally! i love love love getting a handwritten note in the mail. chris and i used to write to each other everyday. i've kept all his letters. i should really do that, you know write letters we hardly do them anymore. Chris' grandma loves writing letters. i missed that. xoxoxoxoxo


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