Tuesday, July 12, 2011

~ solving problems ~

In a world where there is so much (too much) to worry over (think climate change, poverty, school closures,..) its sometimes nice to have a problem that is actually solvable.

For weeks I have been looking for a short black necklace.  

Looked here, looked there...felt I'd looked just everywhere.  Then I started looking on-line (I am the first to admit I have a bit of a problem with on-line shopping.  I fill baskets at several shops and then just navigate away.  I buy things I don't need.  I buy things no-one needs.  But I digress...) and ended up at the Elk site (as you do).  A couple of clicks (and a charcoal necklace I didn't know I needed) later and problem solved.

Wardrobe disaster averted and a small burst of pleasure at actually being able to "sort" something.


And of course it means more exciting mail - and so beautifully presented too.

  (The balloon necklace was a gift at Christmas - so much more photogenic than my slightly boring but oh! so necessary black one.  I do love Elk).

Any first world problems at your place?  Any new purchases?

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  1. that balloon necklace is gorgeous!
    I bought this the other day: http://www.etsy.com/listing/59192643/bold-floral-print-tank won't arrive for a few more weeks though.


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