Wednesday, July 6, 2011

~ enjoy~

I love a little celebration.
Even better with bubbles.

 And we've had lots to celebrate this week;

 ~ Firstly the government reversed their terrible policy about school closures and our fantastic little school is safe until at least the end of 2012 (and if considered again will be subject to a "proper" consultation process).  It seems as though "they" do listen sometimes.  What a great victory for people power.  And for communities that are passionate about their children and their education.

~ We heard that a friend has had a terribly long and painful legal battle end very favourably.

~ We've had lovely visitors from interstate and overseas.

~ And the first daffodils of the year.  

Worth some Jansz I think


  1. Great to hear things have turned for the better. How quickly things have turned just over a few days?

    And lovely daffodils -- I bet they smell lovely :)

  2. Ah - hooray for the government doing something sensible!! - and for your other joys as well. Enjoy the celebrations :)

  3. You definately deserve some Jansz! Hooray for the great news.

  4. that's awesome about your school :)

  5. Hope you enjoyed that Jansz. I bet there were a few popped corks around the state last week!


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