Monday, July 25, 2011

~ student free and fancy free ~

It was a student-free day today

(I am philosophically opposed to these so if you're a teacher stop reading now.  I really think that teachers should be able to complete their professional learning in a dedicated week either before school starts or in one of their other holiday times. Do I need to point out now just how many weeks of paid holidays teachers get??!!  This may well be pure jealousy - my paid job was one with no paid holidays, no sick pay and we had to do all our professional learning in our own time.  Or it may just be that I believe they are paid to teach and we only get 40 weeks or so of school term and that my children benefit from routine at school)


We went to the beach.  In the sunshine.  On a wintry day.  We collected shells.  We wandered.
We shared icecreams, laughs and made some lovely memories.

Maybe I am in favour of student-free days after all.


  1. We never got student free days when we were young. I wonder when the teachers did their professional development back then? I'm glad all of you had such a nice time together, sounds like my kind of fun. :)

  2. I had a little wander and your blog is wonderful - I love your perfect mix of honest rant and pure joyous gratitude. So real. Lovely. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment on my blog. Your style might have actually inspired me to open up & reveal a bit more as I explore blogging. Thank you.


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