Friday, July 8, 2011

~ feeling lucky ~

A fabulous surprise in the post today;


And this

As part of a prize I was lucky enough to win over at this beautiful blog.  Now one of my lovely friends will get lucky too as I pass one along.

Luck - it's a funny concept.  In my family I'm known as the lucky parker (I "always" seem to get a spot just outside where we're going) but I think that's more a combination of optimism and laziness.  No major raffles prizes, no tattslotto wins...but generally I feel I'm very lucky (to be born in Australia, to have met my husband, to have my beautiful family).  Is that circumstance, fate or luck?? Are they just different facets of the same thing?  Is life truly so random?

My brother used to maintain that everyone only had a certain quota of luck - he wouldn't buy raffle tickets or enter competitions with smaller prizes - - - only the ones with cars or a million dollars or so for him.  He's still waiting to hit the jackpot.... and I'm collecting magnets, buttons and other little delights along the way.

Some people seem to attract disaster/drama.  Are they just unlucky?  Are they doing something wrong?  Is it a matter of attitude?  Is it possible to change your luck through behaviour or attitude?

Are you a lucky duck?  Do you carry a talisman? Knock on wood?  Rub shoulders with winners? 

Do tell...


  1. Having just had one of those 'milestone/reflect on your life so far/where are you going now' birthdays (40 - yikes!!) I have spent the last month just thinking how unbelievably lucky I am to be me and to have the great life I have. Circumstance/fate/luck - don't know but attitude, I think, is a factor too. I'm nowhere near the place in life I thought I'd be but to dismiss all the wonderfulness I've got just because it's not what I'd imagined would be absolutely criminal!! (and would be a fantastic way to make oneself miserable)

    As far as little luck - I'm with you on the small things. At work we have a list on the cupboard entitled "unexpected pleasures" where we can keep track of the little lucky, surprising, happy things :)

    It must also be noted that I break chain mail with gay abandon and I seem to be OK.

    P.S. I expect that if you'd written this post nowhere near my birthday you would've avoided this huge response... sorry - but I've really been thinking about it!!

  2. Oh there is a brilliant quote about luck - it's a balance between a lot of hard work & a little bit of luck, so put in A LOT of hard work & you'll get more good luck, clever!! Love Posie

  3. I think the genes we're born with are obviously pure luck - but beyond that it seems to me that it's all down to the way we live. Laying good foundations, making good decisions makes 'luck' more likely. And recognising luck when it bumps into us... you can't feel lucky if you don't see it when it's there!

  4. Congratulations on your win, how nice to receive a pretty package in the mail. I wouldn't consider myself lucky as such, but recently I won a blog giveaway which was very exciting.

  5. thanks so much ally! so glad you liked the give-away :-)

  6. Congratulations it is gorgeous!It is an interesting subject is it...I keep noticing some people winning things regularly...not sure but I like Sarah's comment:)
    Lovely to "meet your blog" lovely! x


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