Monday, July 9, 2012

~ when the National Anthem came to school ~

The tatty looking limp rag that posed as a flag at our school was replaced last week.
There was a bit of a ceremony, the politicians appeared (as they do).  {well, they did supply the flag} and it was duly raised (and now will be raised and lowered every day by our very responsible Grade 2s).
The highlight of the day for me was when the whole school (and the handful of parents) stood and sang the national anthem.  All 98 of those little 4-8 year olds sang along with enthusiasm and pride.  They had learnt the words (first verse only.  its almost un-Australian to know the second verse isn't it?) that week and hardly needed the cheat sheets taped to the walls (I'm not sure how many of them can read anyway).
It brought a lump to my throat.  And I wasn't the only one.

Now they're going to sing the anthem once a fortnight along with the school song.
I know I'll feel a little teary every time ... and I think its great.

We never did that at school here.
Maybe slightly more frequently when I was in the UK (we seemed to sing "All Things Bright and Beautiful" more often than "God Save the Queen though.)

Do your children sing the anthem at school?  Did you?
Do you know the 2nd verse?



  1. I don't know the second verse, but we definitely sang it in primary school. Not so much in high school. Some of the kids I teach know it (not that pesky second verse though), but we don't sing it regularly. Maybe once a year.

  2. Never did the anthem and like you think it's un-Australian to know any words other than the first verse. A little part of me would love to see "I Still Call Australia Home" as our anthem ;-)

  3. Hm I do have a vague recollection of singing the national anthem at school, though not as frequently as the "school song," which I will probably have stuck in my head for the rest of the afternoon now! We had the words of the anthem printed in our school diaries but of course the second verse always descended into mumbles after the first line or so ... my recollection cuts out abruptly after "lands"!

  4. We sing God Save The Queen at the drop of a hat! But only the first verse.

    On Remembrance Sunday, we have to have a 'cheat' sheet because it's expected to sing the entire anthem.

    I think it's important to sing the Anthem with pride (and a tear) x.

  5. I do remember singing the national anthem at school frequently and I couldn't even tell you the second verse. The girls used to sing it often, each week on parade but since they started a new school they don't seem to sing it as often but will always sing their school song. That seems to be the difference between them and when I was growing up I don't even remember having a school song. I think singing these songs though instills a sense of pride that is important for us all to have. x

  6. We sang the national anthem every week at assembly when I was in primary school. My daughters school sings it every week at assembly also and they sing the second verse too.

  7. Oh yes, my lot do tthe anthem AND the school song and I'm a blubbering mess. Love it.

  8. We sang God Save the Queen at primary school and then The National Anthem, but only the first verse, as well as our school song, which was a pretty tune, and the Lord's Prayer, which we sometimes said and sometimes sang. At our school now, we sing the National Anthem (both verses) and say our school creed (which is a generic one.) I think it's a nice tradition. xx

  9. The national anthem is sang in our primary school every friday. I can't remember what we did in high school. I'm sure we must have sung it though. xx


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