Tuesday, July 31, 2012

~ an instagram catch-up ~

{my june}

{my july}

Here are my June and July instagram mosaics.  I love how they look grouped together. 
These months have flown by  - it's good to look back and remember.
I'm seeing lots of colour to make up for the grey days outside. 
Lots of pics of the little people too - they love to be involved in helping me decide what to do for theme of the day...and they've all been home sick so much they've just been round more. 
I'm 6 months in now - managing a photo every day and still enjoying it. 
I'm determined to do the whole year.

I'm heading back to the fire and the couch now - its freezing in my office and I haven't mastered blogging from the ipad yet.
Back to the Olympics.
I'm enjoying it but wanting more from the coverage.  
More sport {less commentary}.  More variety {less swimming}. More new stuff {fewer repeats}.

Are you watching?
What's your favourite event?


  1. Your Instagram catch-ups are beautiful. Such a lovely collection of memories.

    We are watching the Olympics, but there is soooo much coverage, I now just watch the highlight show in the evening, otherwise I would be missing the best part of the summer x.

    1. true - it is perfect cold winter night viewing!

  2. Lovely lovely - Instagram photos are so great. We're watching the olympics - not as much as I'd like but it's still fun. x

  3. Lovely mosaics! I'm really enjoying the Olympics, it's about the only time I watch sport on tv. My fave is the equestrian. I agree that less repeats and more variation would be good. Keep warm :)

  4. Nice mosaics Ally. I'm finding that I wish more of the coverage was available via streaming ... the live coverage seems so restrictive (to tie you into watching the advertisements of the sponsors I guess) but there is next to 'nothing' available on the net ... not that I've found anyways. The approach seems rather out of touch with current social media trends but then that's not surprising when looking at the demographics of the IOC ;-)

    1. Totally agree Geoff - went looking for some on line gymnastics for my gym-mad girls (haven't seen any on free-to-air) and came up with zilch.
      Maybe Rio will lead the way!

  5. Love your photos and just noticed from the block picture that you have a Grace too :) We're watching the Olympics a bit at night. I enjoy the diving and the gymnastics x

  6. love the colours in your july photos.

    I enjoy the gymnastics - we have foxtel, so we get more choice of what to watch :)

  7. love your pics. 6 moths strong!!
    not watching the olympics. would love to see some gym and diving, but all the commentary and flipping sports annoys me. xx

  8. I know exactly what you mean about the Olympics. My favourites are the athletics, gymnastics and basketball. I think the coverage on Channel 9 is woeful.


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