Friday, July 13, 2012

~ grateful for ... a good night's sleep ~

The sleep gods have never smiled on us.

We've patted and rocked, tiptoed around, replaced dummies, wrapped and re-wrapped, sung and cuddled, taken back to bed (over and over), read every book, consulted every "specialist, tried every trick.

And still....night after night...the night terrors, the padding of little feet, the warm breath in your (sleeping) face, the flinging of limbs, the restlessness of co-sleeping, the desperateness that is born of lack of proper sleep.

This week it crept up on us.  One night alone in our bed.  Then two.  Before we knew it....5
That's ... more than I can ever remember.  (in too many years to count without feeling faint).
It deserved high praise (we delivered).
And big treats (a new doodle book fitted the bill.  And that treat that is prized far more highly than its true worth..the freddo)

And a lot of gratitude.

I'm joining in with the grateful gang over here
What are you grateful for this week?


  1. Hooray!! I'm crossing my fingers for you it continues. Having broken sleep is so exhausting.

  2. Now that us something very worth celebrating!!!!!! Here's to many more of those nights to come!!

  3. Ah, sleep. Hope you get plenty more x.

  4. Precious sleep! A full night is bliss! Very much lacking that at our place but you've given me hope! xx


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