Sunday, July 15, 2012

~ mail in and out ~

I've written before of my love of real mail (here and here in fact) and this week was a goodie.

We all sat at a cafe last week and made great use of the free post cards ( I love them - we used to send them all the time when we were travelling.  Once we stocked up on about 50 of the same design and sent them weekly to a friend) ... 60c and we got to spread some snail-mail love to a grandad, a surrogate aunty, a flickr friend and my brother.  Best of all - we got follow-up within the week - phone-calls, texts, a post on fb - that our mail was received and appreciated.  We're all inspired to send more now.

My elevated envelope group are obviously very organised (the date for final post is not for another 2 weeks yet... I'm going to need each one of those days) because I got 3 lovely envelopes this week.

A very cute kisses and hugs Union Jack from the UK, complete with jubilee themed recipes and a little flag.


A sparkly, sequinny envelope - fragile enough to need to be encased again in plastic.  This also had little treats inside - UK lollies that the girls are desperate to try.

This one amazed me.  A see through envelope with handmade paper (with lace patterns imprinted in the paper) lingerie.  And instructions to make my own!!

I can't wait to see what the next few weeks bring.

Do you ever use those free post-cards?
What was the last exciting mail you sent?



  1. I haven't sent a 'free' post card in ages, they are few and far between in the places we go to.

    But I have sent a lot of Jubilee themed mail recently. Sadly, Royal Mail postage is so expensive, I usually only send for a special occasion x.

    1. I remember it being quite cheap and with amazing twice daily deliveries...things must have changed!

  2. Oh my goodness, what amazing mail!! That must have been so exciting to receive. I'm a bit fan of mail, but it seems so rare these days. Those free postcards are great - I see them when I go to the Republic mostly and I have some on my pinboard at work.
    Have a great week!

  3. Must be exciting to see special snail mail arriving in amazing envelopes. Last Friday I sent a small package of 5"x7" photos to my 85 year old father-in-love. He had seen the oxalis on my blog and wanted a print of each - couldn't help but have some extras printed off to include too

  4. What great decorated envelopes!!
    I love snail mail too,I will have to give a try at the next lot :)
    I used to be a pen pal mad girl as a little girl but not anymore :)
    I love those free postcards too, I have a really big collection and the same confettis one in my craft room wall :)
    Happy decorating yours xx

  5. I love the fold out lingerie! Snail mail is so exciting. Yes, we love free postcards when we're travelling (even if it's only Melbourne).
    I sent a food magazine to a blog/instagram friend in the states, it was so nice to see how excited she was to receive it on IG!

  6. It's not often that I get 'fun' mail in the letterbox. It usually comes when friends and family go on holidays and we all enjoy sitting there together the girls and I reading what they have been doing and seeing where they have been. Your mail looks like fun and very creative too.xx

  7. Those envelopes are great! I remember the free postcards - Loved them but haven't seen them in ages! Collecting the mail is a job my little one lives! x

  8. Oh wow!

    Now i'm inspired to get pen to paper.

    rachel xo

  9. Oh, I love those free postcards! I used to pinch them all the time when I was at uni! I had such a huge collection that I used them to cover an entire wall in my house. It looked spectacular, but then I moved and got sick of carting the postcards round so threw them all out :( I love that you sent heaps of them!

    Mail art is so divine isn't it!? I would love to while away my days searching and creating and sending letters and envelopes that look like pieces of art.

    Depending on your perspective I either send very exciting mail every day, or it's so done-to-death it's no longer exciting - I don't think I can judge objectively!


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