Tuesday, July 24, 2012

~ this week's mail ~


Not much to report in terms of elevated envelope news (although mine are almost ready to post) but there has been some exciting movement in the letter box this week.  (all iphone shots...)

First the outs - one of my post cards to some friends we haven't seen for a while.  The doily envelopes were part of the experiment for the other mail project - I like how they've turned out so will use that idea.

Much more exciting are the ins.

Lovely postcards from NZ (my brother and his partner have just had a quick trip there) for the children.  My lovely flickr friend sent that view from a Parisian window... sooo envious!
I love it when friends take the time and effort to send postcards from overseas.  We all enjoy looking at the stamps, reading the news and then learning where places are on the map.

The last shot is a pincushion I ordered as a little present to myself from Shelley.  I've been losing pins and needles down the couch when I'm sewing at night and thought this might make me a bit more responsible.  I can hardly bear to stick a pin in...its so beautiful.

The other exciting (for now) mail was our power bill.  A zero balance on our winter account.  Clearly someone has made a big mistake!!  We'll enjoy it for a week or two and then I'll ring and ask for the real amount (which won't be pretty - the tumble dryer and the heating have been on fairly continuously in recent times - wet beds, sick kids, damp Hobart weather etc etc).

Do you use a tumble dryer?
Are you scared of your power bills?



  1. Lovely cards, enjoy that power bill while it lasts!

  2. Hi Ally, what pretty mail! The pincushion is beautiful :)
    It would have been a shock to open your power bill. If only! I don't use a dryer and we have a big wood heater for warm, but somehow the bill is still scary for me. What bill isn't?!
    Can you tell me what dslr/lens you use? I am on a mission to decide on a camera. As much as I'd like the new Olympus OMD I am begining to think that a a cheap second hand dslr might do.

  3. Pins lost down the couch - I'd be too scared to sit - ouch! Your new pin cushion is gorgeous! No, no tumble dryer here, just load upon load of washing on vents - it;s not the best of looks!

  4. Such pretty envelopes, what a treat to receive one of those. And you've just reminded me of something. I used to send Mom a post card from everywhere we went. I know she kept them all, I must get up in the loft to find them. That's a lot of history in a box.

    More and more of our mail arrives by email, and almost all our bills are paid by monthly direct debit, so no scary bills :-)

    Couldn't live without a tumble dryer here x.

  5. I love Shelley's pincushions :)

    we don't have a tumble dryer - we have several rack in front of the fire, there are certainly some times we wish we did though.

  6. So many pretty things in the mail. :) Just lovely!

    I sometimes use the tumble dryer but it's because it's included in the rent. ;D


  7. Ooh, lovely mail!
    Wow, wouldn't it be nice if that hydro bill stays that way! We have logged on and done a bill prediction this winter so as not to be too alarmed. We also pay money off it each fortnight so it's much more manageable when it arrives but yes, we use a tumble dryer and 2 very expensive heaters this year too :( looking forward to hopefully having a woodheater installed next year and rigging up drying racks Chinese laundry style :)

  8. Ps. That peacock pincushion is gorgeous :)


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