Friday, July 20, 2012

~ grateful...every day ~

Last week I found a beautiful, simple grateful post over here and felt somewhat embarrassed about my grudgingly grateful (and somewhat whiny) effort.

I decided to "borrow" the idea and watch for grateful opportunities all week.

Saturday : There are daffodils blooming in our garden already.  So pretty.  No wonder Wordsworth was inspired. 

Sunday : The Doc tried a new recipe (from this month's Real Living magazine) for dinner - Chicken Normandy.  Totally delicious.  Always grateful when I don't have to cook.

Monday : Lily has a new teacher (her first teacher went on long-service leave for 4 weeks and then retired at the end of it so this is the third for the year already).  Apparently she is young, funny, great, cool and really smart.  I'm so very grateful for a renewed buzz in my little girl.

Tuesday : Grateful for the extra snuggles and cuddles a sick little boy loves to give his mummy

Wednesday : A friend dropped a coffee in when she knew I was stuck at home with a sick little one.  And she brought gossip. 

Thursday : Very grateful that the Doc was able to move his day around so he could share the care and I could still do my work for the week.

Friday : Another fabulous new recipe (the lentil soup from the same magazine...this month's Real Life is already covered with cooking spatters) shared with my sister visiting from interstate who we don't get to see nearly often enough. Precious time with family and good much to be grateful for.

I'm linking up with Bron and others over  at Village Voices.

Are you grateful this week?


  1. Yep, a great list of grateful for's. Hope J is feeling better now x.

  2. Sounds like a pretty good week, despite the sickness and associated isolation. I'm not sounding very convinced now, am I!!? I made that Greek Lentil Soup from Real Living and had it for luch at work for the last 3 days. It was really yummy. Their recipes are great. Have a lovely weekend x

  3. Daily gratitude- what an eXcellent practice! I think I shall also have to borrow this one. Sounds like a lovely week :)sarah

  4. Yes totally grateful that I arrived home safely from NYC. Grateful that my surgery on Wednesday was successful. Grateful that my doctor is allowing me to be cross with him as I am not grateful that he elluded to tell me how horrible i would be feeling for days after. Grateful for my trusty poodlrs as they are not moving far from my side. Hmmm all that talk of soup and delicious recipes are making me sooo hungry.

  5. There is really something to be grateful for every day, isn't there? I've tried the daily lists before and they don't seem to work for me that well, one weekly post is just perfect.

  6. I love daffodils so much. Such hardy little things requiring no fuss and attention whatsoever and yet so beautiful. Not the season for them here in the UK at the moment, but I love it when it is!!

    Visiting via the Grateful Hop :)


  7. So lovely to find gratitude in each day! I hope your little one is feeling better xx

  8. Sounds like your week was really lovely. And yes I think Daffodils are beautiful ...

    For oft, when on my couch I lie
    In vacant or in pensive mood,
    They flash upon that inward eye
    Which is the bliss of solitude;
    And then my heart with pleasure fills,
    And dances with the daffodils ...

    Thanks for the inspiration♥

  9. I sure am grateful for my week. I had a blast. Everyday should be appreciated and live to the fullest. So you won't have any regrets in the end.

  10. Sometimes it's the simple things that make us smile and realize how lucky we are. Lovely week of gratefuls, hope the week ahead is a good one, and the little man feels better.

  11. Friend + Coffee + Gossip would brighten anyone's day! :-)

  12. I hope your little one is ok. Snuggles, friends and being cooked for, all so lovely. It's so lovely to find gratitude in each day!

  13. Family, great food, cuddles, friends and nice coffee loving all those reasons to smile!
    For once that I try and control my magazine addiction and do not get the real living you make me feel like I must try and have a little looksey :)
    Hope little one is better.

  14. Sorry! I hope you did not turned blue, I just forgot all the comas :) Someone need to slow down :)

  15. Fabulous post! Hope everyone is doing happy and well as the new week begins!

  16. Great idea to record each day something we are grateful for. Even if it is just one thing in the middle of a very tough or mundane day - it's so good for the soul to reflect back and see that there are on fact things to be grateful for. Always makes me think of Pollyanna and "the glad game". Did you ever see that movie? You have some lovely things this week to be grateful for. Might need to get myself a copy of this mag!


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