Tuesday, April 29, 2014

~ sissinghurst ~

When we lived in Kent -oh a lifetime ago (well, it was 18 years ago) Sissinghurst was only 10 minutes away ... I feel now like I wasted opportunities to visit as often as the me of now would want to. 

The Doc was super kind to me as we did a flying visit to our old haunts...he took the kids to Bodism castle and I had a couple of hours, alone (!), to meander through the gardens and surrounding fields. 

Sissinghurst is impossibly romantic . Harold Nicolson spent years planning all the garden shapes and dimensions and then Vita Sackville-West filled them with gorgeous blooms...lots of different "rooms" with different themes...but all equally lovely (unless like me you swoon for the chaos of the spring bulbs under the lime walk). 

I fell for the charms of Sissinghurst all over again  


  1. I can see how anyone can fall for the charms of Sissinghurst! How pretty, how charming, how lovely.......

  2. Blogging on the iPad might be tricky but it's so lovely to be able to follow your adventure. Sissinghurst looks amazing. xx

  3. Magnificent - you could lose yourself there for hours, with or without a camera...


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