Saturday, April 26, 2014

~ the first week ~

We left home just over a week ago, red cases bulging, uncertain of what was to come but excited. 
So very excited.

So far we've experienced 4 different time zones, all sorts of weather and are settling into the realisation that those bulging cases have to be unpacked and repacked over and over again.  
We can still hardly believe its really happening.

I'm finding it hard to know what time it is, let alone what day it is.  The children have adapted far more quickly - they're coping so well with new beds, new sleeping arrangements (they're all in a fold out together tonight), no routines, lots of walking and strange (to them) food.

We've done 2 bus tours (Singapore during transit and Helsinki), had our first Maccas meal (in the airport) and worn everything from shorts and tshirts to puffers with raincoats over the top.  

Reflections on our first week;

 - they still have capital punishment (hanging) in Singapore.  Who knew?
 - blogging on the ipad/iphone is totally tricky and very frustrating.  I cannot for the life of me work out how to caption photos or change any formatting.
 - I really wish I'd packed my delicate wash-bags (they were put away at home by an overly efficient husband)
 - the Legoland hotel restaurant could be used as a torture device for anyone who appreciates food or a relaxed dining experience - but overall Legoland was a hit
 - Finland was a great stop over point - it was new for all of us, the weather was kind and it got us off to a fabulous start (thanks Jacki)
 - England in the spring time is so very pretty - even from the car windows whizzing along the A30.
 - the Roman baths are as fascinating to me now as they were on a school trip when I was in grade 3 in Bristol
 - we're loving it all

The family is blogging over at if you are super keen to catch up on what we're doing (and how the kids see it)

(the pictures above are 1,2 - the main boulevard in Helsinki, 3 - some of the gorgeous spring bulbs decorating the streets of Helsinki,, 4 - detail of the  Sibelius monument in Helsinki, 5 - fields of yellow rape from a moving car as we headed towards Bath)


  1. Alli, you are so, so lucky! This is going to be wonderful. x

  2. Looks fantastic! Just had a quick look at your travel blog- great idea to document your trip in this way!

  3. So brilliant! Have a fantastic time!

  4. sounds awesome - gorgeous images

  5. It was wonderful to catch with you yesterday, and meet the delightful, charming and handsome L,G and J :-) You and the Doc haven't changed a bit x.

  6. I'm catching up on posts, so excited that you are in the UK. We moved back to NZ from London 6 years ago and I miss it. I loved taking the train from Paddington to Bath for weekends, such a beautiful city. We lived in Teddington SW London and I worked in Richmond upon Thames. Enjoy! xo


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