Sunday, April 6, 2014

~ snippets of our week ~



April already -  the chill is in the evening air, the days are shorter and I'm feeling the need for scarves and thick socks. 

1.  I treated myself to a bell person from erinswindow this week. I'm totally smitten - she's beautiful - such a serene look on her face and a gorgeous collection of treasures.  And I can call the children to dinner with her. 

2.  The loom bracelets are breeding I swear.  We're all wearing them - even the Doc.

3.  I was sent a tin of chocolate snowball biscuits and a recipe by a lovely IG contact recently - these were our version - they are simply divine.

4.  We hosted our niece's 9th birthday party this weekend (she just wanted to be with her cousins - so sweet) - this is the apple cake we chose for her - it was a big hit.  Good old women's weekly cake book!

5.  The classic still life - pears on the table in the afternoon light

6.  Wispy, feathery details - another sweet mail gift

7.  Foraged flowers in the window seat (which is used more for photography and storage than sitting)

I'm linking up with Em this week and every week to share the little moments that make life wonderful


  1. the feather photo is just gorgeous :)

  2. What a beautiful bell person – Erin is so talented.

  3. Beautiful photos, that cake looks amazing & i love your forages flowers.

  4. That cake looks quite interesting, in a yummy sort of way!
    Oh, do use that window seat for sitting! What a gorgeous place for gazing out the window!
    Your images are beautiful as always,
    Have a lovely week x

  5. Such beautiful images. I am intrigued by the bell. Oh and yay for the chill, I love Autumn and the end of daylight savings.

  6. Always beautiful photos, always! Totally adore your pear 'still life', reminds me I need to pick the last of the pears from the abandoned tree next door. Great job on the apple cake.

  7. So much goodness! Oh my where to begin! I was so fortunate to meet the beautiful Erin while she had an exhibition at Paper Boat Press last year. Her work is just amazing. What a treasure! And foraged flowers & pears, you have my heart singing!

  8. We have the loom bracelets all over our house as well. It's such a craze. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane

  9. beautiful photos of homelife ally, I admire all of erin's work she's incredible and that apple cake looked wonderful. I'll file that away for perhaps poppy and tully's joint bday in december it looks delish. Have a great week.


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