Sunday, February 26, 2012

~ from our vegie patch ~

Today's harvest from our, somewhat modest but very well loved, vegie patch.  
It's a work in progress - we're hoping to grow lots more of our own food in the next few years.  

I think its a great project for the kids - they really are more interested in trying new foods if they've had a hand in helping them grow.

We're loving the home-grown tomatoes with basil.   The lemons are awesome in a gin and tonic.  Or simply with sparkling mineral water.  My kids eat them whole too....(shudder)

You do need a few carrots to make a snack but put them with rosemary next to some roast lamb and.... mmm!

I'm joining my lovely friend Karin who shares a mood board from her garden or nature every month.

What's growing where you are?


  1. mmm yum! Our vegie garden is looking very sad, still!

  2. A good harvest of small beginnings. Only a few herbs, strawberries, some spinach, flowers and lots of weeds at the moment. Fruit fly seems to attack all tomato efforts here but for tom thumbs.

  3. I love the idea of a garden mood board, especially as my garden is still feeling very wintery. But its that time of year to plan ahead, so I will shortly be putting a mood board together of veggie patch plans. We had a bumper crop last year, so I'm hoping for so much more this year! (We do still have cabbages, spinach and purple-sprouting broccoli for harvesting, in spite of the frosty weather!)

    Your photos are really lovely, too.

    Lesley x.

  4. What a lovely moodboard!
    Have a nice day!

  5. I love your mood board Ally. So lovely! It looks so fresh and delicious. Homegrown veggies are the best. Have a lovely week ahead! xo

  6. Not much....
    In my part of Sweden the spring just began....
    Lovely moodboard you´re showing. All the veggies from your own garden. It cant be better..
    Have a great week :)

  7. Well, we had tomatoes, basil, carrots and beans. First the possum got in and then the chooks followed the youngest through the door and pretty much took care of the rest :-(

    At least our quince has come on-line this year after 3years in the ground and we're looking forward to slow cooking them in light sugar water cloves and cinnamon. And there lemons and limes too :-)

  8. Oh this is so gorgeous! Love that the lemons are great in a G&T. We don't have a garden of our own but I would love to get one if/when we move into a house ... luckily D has a green thumb or we wouldn't have a hope in ... you know ...

  9. Great ideas for how to use veggie produce! I will definately do the tomatoes with basil tonight as a side dish to dinner. Here is my produce from today:

  10. not much in the veg department, but we have a nice crop of late peaches ripening, as well as a few apples

  11. Delicious, both the food and the styling! x

  12. What a great mood to start the week!
    Nothing beats the taste and perfume of home grown tomatoes.So far lots of pots for me,it is taking me a little while to get used to my new garden (in some spots nothing grows, everything dies!)but hopefully I will get there one day.I treasure the flowers and few herbs so far :)
    Thanks for the link to that lovely blog!
    Have a great week xx

  13. Looks so good! :-) Lot's of ymmu things

  14. What a great idea for a mood board! I will have to do this too when more veggies come up in my garden. I've got some carrots, beans, and berries brewing :-)

  15. Oh it looks so tastey.

    Have a nice week // Lissen


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