Saturday, February 18, 2012

~ grateful for... fresh starts ~

{also grateful for my children who indulge the photographer mummy}

School started again this week.
Cue cheery excited faces, books to cover, routines to be re-established.
We've had a fabulous summer but they were ready to be back.
Me, not so much.  
School's been tough for the last 2 years - not for the girls but the fight to save our school (the Tasmanian government is trying to shut small schools to save money) and the trials and tribulations of  working with a very difficult woman who had a "reign of terror" at our school.
She's gone and suddenly everything seems brighter.
There's a freshness at school, a new vibe, new energy and it's feeling great.
Our new principal actually stood up on the first day and acknowledged he will be fighting alongside us to save our wonderful little school.
I'm so grateful that we have the opportunity for a fresh start this year.  That there's hope and something still worth fighting for.


What are you grateful for this week?
I'm joining in with themed gratefuls at kidspot Thanks Maxabella.  
I broke the rules this week.  I'm always grateful for nature and I post wordless posts about this every week so I thought it would be ok


  1. Hi Ally , fresh starstare the very best. I am grateful you have a new Prinipal passionate about saving your school.
    Haha love kids who oblige mummy photographers.

  2. Sorry autocorrect is being a pain tonight.

  3. Fresh starts are the best! Threat of school closure must be tough! So glad things are looking up as you fight the fight! All the best!

  4. The school year started for us too. They kids look so big compared to the kids starting this year! Far out was that only a year ago...? I remember school always seemed to start on my birthday! Fresh start? Hmmmm?

    Beautiful as always Ally :-)

  5. That's wonderful news all round. Small schools are a great place to learn and belong. My primary school years were in one-teahcer country schools.

  6. I do hope that you get to keep what sounds like a lovely school open for your children and others to enjoy the community feel of a small school. We had some small schools close a couple of years ago and many of the children joined our school making it a larger school, it totally changed the feel of it and one of the many reasons we aren't there any longer.


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