Saturday, February 11, 2012

~ grateful for.... food filled memories ~

{my grandmother's recipe book}

What triggers your memories of places you've travelled or special events?
Seeing the snapshots?  Maybe certain scents or music that you associate with that place/event that brings it all flooding back?
For me and the Doc it's always been about the food.

I remember what we ate on our first date rather than what I wore or what he said.
We reminisce about our travels through Europe with stories about our meals rather than the museums or churches.
Our highlights reel is full of fabulous pastas, amazing hidden restaurants that we stumbled on, great gelatis, the search for the best coffee in Italy.

We even have "bread rules" and "dessert rules" (he gets the larger serve of bread, I choose dessert).

Even when we are not travelling, food is the way we index our life, our memories.
My recipe books are full of recipes listed thus;

  •    Kerrie's rice salad (that we ate at the AFL grand final lunch)
  •    Susan's mud-cake (which we had for Lily's first birthday)
  •    Nan's brandy sauce (made religiously every Christmas)

 - this is a family trait; my mum and my grandmother had hordes of hand-written recipes always annotated with the event, the person responsible or the response to the food.

I've caught the kids at it too: "oh you know, that place where I tried broccoli soup for the first time", 
" can we go to the cafe where they have "those amazing biscuits".

I'm grateful we life a life full of such abundance.  
That our relationship with food is so healthy.  
That our memories are so sweet.


What are you grateful for this week?
I'm joining in with themed gratefuls at kidspot Thanks Maxabella.


  1. I love this so much!
    I've just been sitting here trying to work out if I do it too.
    I don't though.
    I'm an eat to live person.
    I hope you are having a wonderful weekend.
    And I highly recommend learning to crochet for the inbetween and the before and after amazing meal times.

  2. Beautiful post. Mr G and I are celebrating five years today since our first date. We didn't eat though, we were far too nervous so we drove two and a half hours down the coast, had a coffee in a gorgeous cafe, and drove back again! x

  3. Absolutely lovely post. What a wonderful connection you have with your family with your shared appreciation of good food.

  4. Your spin on the food prompt is absolutely gorgeous, Ally. Food association is a wondrous thing. I still remember the taste of our wedding cake like I just ate it for dessert. Front up some of those recipes, won't you!? x

  5. I love this. Food has so many wonderful memories for me too. No wonder why we love it so much!

    Happy Grateful Day!

  6. Hi Ally, great post. I feel exactly the same about places we've been, and chapters of our lives. When I think of my childhood in Kuwait, I think of sumac-dusted flatbread. Later in Egypt, macaroni béchamel bakes and meat and okra braises. My husband and I still talk about one amazing veal dish in Greece on holiday. Food is wonderful like that. Thank you for reminding me. And great to meet you.

  7. Mmmm, i can smell Europe right now. I love the bread rule - i have just always known, from the very first date 18 years ago when my husband leaned forward & took ALL the cream off my iced chocolate, that he will always enjoy half of whatever i'm eating too. Without a doubt, every restaurant we go to, we will both pick the same main & we like to share so we'll get first & second choices & get to taste both, works so well. Dessert, yes please, mmmm. IN particular Asian countries have amazing smells associated with different places - that market, that hotel, that transport exeprience. Love Posie

  8. So beautifully written. Isn't it sweet that your little ones are the same and associate food with memories. Sometimes for me it's food, maybe a smell or a song too. I hope you had a good weekend and there was lots of yummy eating. xx


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