Monday, January 28, 2013

~ list making ~

I am not normally a list girl.
I don't do shopping lists, lists of jobs or to-do lists.

Part of it is, I like to think that I've still got a good memory. 
{I definitely used to have a good memory - I knew all my friends phone numbers (before mobiles!) and when I was an intern I used to know all the patients record numbers from memory to write on their pathology forms.  I can't quite believe it now}.
I see the supermarket as a challenge... I always come home with stuff we didn't need (or think we needed) and I only sometimes forget things.
My to-do stuff is in my head  - its my belief that the jobs I don't get around to (or forget) weren't that important anyway!

My mother, on the other hand, is a champion list maker - lists for every situation, every task, every family member.   As a child I felt like we never got to the end of all that there was to be done.  Always something hanging over our heads. Everyone else felt organised and in control - I felt as though I could never rest easy while there was still stuff to be done.

Recently I stumbled across the  #52 lists project run by the fabulous Pip.  Every week she is giving a prompt for a list and sharing them on her blog and on instagram.
These lists are quirky and interesting.  There's no pressure to complete them.  My kind of lists.

Here are my first three:

List #1 - suburbs I've lived in

List #2 - jobs I've had

List #3 - favourite childhood tv shows

I'm still kicking myself that I forgot The Wombles, Bewitched and Round the Twist on my 3rd list.

Are you a list-maker?
What were your favourite shows when you were a kid?
Would you like to play along? (join up here)


  1. I am a self-confessed list-maker and it can be very anxiety-causing at times...which is somewhat ironic, given that my reason for the lists is supposed to be so I can relax and won't forget anything! Ha pffft! I SO agree with what you said though - you can never rest easy with things hanging over your head. I have had many lists floating about on my iphone of late, all to do with this bubba and the organising/purchasing required for that. They're ticked off though and deleted now and I think I might try to stop listing so much. I might swap my anxious lists for these fun ones and play along with Pip. Good idea, thanks for sharing Ally. Fave TV shows as a kid...Astroboy, The Wombles, Romper Room, Monkey Magic, Danger Mouse, a plasticine show - was it called "The Red and The Blue"?? Ahhh memories...x

  2. Hi Chris - I loved that plasticine show too - and Monkey Magic.
    I can see I might end up being a list girl - there's so much going on in my head that I'm bound to start forgetting more (and more..)

  3. I'm a sometime list maker - much to my (super organised) sister's dismay, lol

    I can remember a show with rubber/plasticine characters, I think it was called Gumby? It was actually pretty a weird show from memory. I watched lots of ABC shows & Disney cartoons. I loved Saturday Morning Disney, before it got strange (or maybe I just grew out of it?)

    1. Hi Vickie - I frustrate and dismay my mum too!
      I think I'm too old for Sat am Disney - ours was on at night

  4. Sounds fun. I also lived in Shenton Park once. Maybe you worked at Charlie Gairdner's?

  5. I'm not a compulsive list maker but lists can be useful, especially when setting out Mr B's chores for the weekend :-)

    Just curious, why did you put Mummy last on your list, apart from the chronological order?

    Wouldn't you love a return trip to Benenden in the summer?

    1. I'd be too scared to write the Doc a list of chores!! - the one he might write for me would be heaps longer!!
      Mummy is last purely chronologically - I actually was unsure about putting it on - its a life's vocation really
      We're hoping Benenden next summer (really!)

    2. Benenden hasn't changed a bit :-)

  6. I must make lists or I totally forget it. I used to have it all in my head but then things just started slipping off the list in my head never to be thought of again until long after it's relevancy. I can't live without them now and they must be prominent, but sadly, yes I do always feel like there is always something hanging over my head. I tend to think it'd be there if I wrote it down or not though. If it doesn't get written down it just doesn't get done. How glorious is that feeling of a list complete!

  7. I'm a learning list maker with the help of my daughter.Her stratergy for lists is that they are guides. You do what you can and either drop off or put on a new list what you cann't. This way you don't need to feel like you need to get everything done.
    You can teach old dogs (and Mums) new tricks :)

  8. Hi ally, glad to have found you via my blog...As funny as it sounds (lists usually bring to mind boring work lists) what a fun project! Though come to think of it I have done a mental list in my time of all the boys I've kissed..hehee. Am definetly going to be following along! And looking forward to having a wander around your blog. Natalie x

  9. Okay, I see I've been vaguely mentioned by two people here (Mum-Alcie- and Vickie)...
    I adore lists, they make me feel at ease. But I don't mind if I don't get to everything on the lists, they just mean I don't have to stress about remembering.

    I loved pokemon as a kid and sailor moon, cardcaptors, bewitched, I dream of Jeanie, blue's clues, art attack... the list is long, very long.


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