Saturday, January 26, 2013

~ summer ~

We've been at the shack.

We've been soaking up golden sunshine, beaching our days away
{at our magic beach - the beach of my childhood summers, the beach that is becoming the backdrop to many of our happiest family memories}.

We've been letting the days spool away without obligations, to-do lists or appointments.

Instead we've been castle-building, kite flying, kayaking, icy-pole eating, jigsaw puzzling, bike riding, bbqing and just being together.





The colours of our summer have been the stunning blues of the water and the sky, the gold of sun and sand (and the glow of our goldening skin despite the layers of SPF 30+), the summery brights of icy-poles, bathers and beach toys.

The sounds of our summer have been giggles, the slam of the wire door, the chink of ice in a glass, the sizzle of the bbq, the flap of kite tails and washing, more giggles, the gasp at the first touch of the icy ocean, the whine of a mozzie, the gentle rolling of the ocean at night.




We're back now.
I'm washing and shaking the sand out of everything. 
We're reconnecting, busying ourselves, heading back to work, getting ready for school.
The photos feel like memories already (golden memories).
We feel blessed.



  1. These look lovely, I'm sure many wonderful memories made. There's something very special about holidaying at the same place... we do that too.

  2. Oh the kite in the sky and swimmers on the line ... just beautiful. Happy new year to you & yours ... mine is starting slowly :-)

  3. It all looks and sounds perfect! It must have been difficult to come home :)

  4. Your pictures are great! I especially love the icey pole one!
    Have a lovely weekend, xx

  5. The most beautiful memories! How I love summer! Love your images Ally. Your words are dazzling too. Happy reconnecting xx

  6. Welcome back and Happy New Year:) What a great holiday it sounds like you had, such a beautiful place. I love your ice block photo with the sky behind it, very cool. Have a great weekend. xx

  7. gorgeous photos, looks like an awesome way to spend some time :)

  8. I loved seeing all your IG photos of your trip to the shack. It looked like a magical trip, and I can tell you I pined for an Australian beach holiday many times. Beautiful photos, as always. Cat xox

  9. Your photos are just amazing! The icypole one in particular is legendary! xx

  10. Stunning pics. Such wonderful memories, your family will remember them forever x.

  11. It sounds wonderful! Some great photos x

  12. Sounds like a wonderful break! I'm glad you were all relaxing and enjoying...I actually freaked out a little for you with the Tassie fires - was hoping all was well and sounds like it was! xxx

  13. Absolutely love seeing your summer pictures. We got a lot of snow today and I'm longing more than ever for spring! :) xo

  14. It sounds and looks like absolute bliss!! If only January came around more than once a year!


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