Friday, December 28, 2012

~ santa always brings bubbles ~

Jack's eyes shone* as he delved deep into his Santa sack - he pulled out cars, Lego, a kite and bubbles - and declared that it was the "BEST day ever"
(and then in that wise way of the four year old - "why does Santa always bring bubbles?")

I hope your Christmas has been as joyful as ours


* he actually shone** ALL day
**shone is now sounding really weird in my head even as I type it


  1. Ally, such lovely memories and photos to catch them. Wonderful!

  2. Our Christmas was joyful too! His eyes look full of joy and wonder in that last image! Such beautiful captures Ally xx

  3. The wonder of Christmas at that age shines the most! We have a four year old too and her excitement was very catchy! Look at those beautiful lawns - are they yours?

  4. Love love love bubbles! Simple and joyful! Happy New Year to you. xx

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  6. Bubbles are great! Gorgeous pictures Ally. Thanks for your lovely comments over on my blog, I was inspired by your gorgeous mood boards last year and thought it would be a nice thing to start - and being just monthly something I should be able to keep up too! Look forward to seeing yours this year too. xx


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