Monday, December 10, 2012

~ on having realised there's only 2 weeks until the man with the big red suit arrives ~

I'm floundering a little this year.
I haven't bought all my presents (or even most.  I really should write a list instead of just buying more for my kids and ignoring all the others who should be on my list if it existed)

I haven't sent any cards (and I love sending the cards.  I'm a total Christmas card surprises there given my love of snail mail)

I have made white rocky road, rumless rum balls and gingerbread (but we've eaten them all)

But back to the cards.  I love getting them and sending them.  I do a letter (only for certain people - I don't subject everyone to that!) and I really enjoy the process of sitting down and writing our news and love across the oceans.

I was super organised  (earlier) this year and ordered cards from Moo* (of these photos) months ago.
I love them - they're very me and they feel nice too ( I like that in a card).
But... (big problem)...they're still blank.

I can feel some late nights coming on this week... list making, restocking the treats and writing those cards. 

How are you faring this December?
Are you a card sender?

*Its probably too late to order now but I think you get a 10% discount on your first order if you click here (and if 10000000 people click I might earn some free stickers or something)


  1. Definitely a card sender...I want to make them though and haven't designed anything this year am very behind also. Organised in the present department and cake number 2 is in the oven ( is bubba number 2....sorry I digress)...but I foresee some very late ones too! Your cards are gorgeous. Good luck! x

  2. I used to be a card sender, I like the idea but somewhere along the way i just stopped. Love the cards that you made & I'm sure you'll get into the swing of it soon!

  3. Hmm well I am woefully behind on everything Christmas-related this year! Thank you for the alarming reminder that it is only two weeks away ;)

  4. Oh golly, every year I send cards and every year I send them late! But this year is the worst! I have half written them, bought stamps and they have been sitting on the bench for a few days! I don't know when I'll send them! I'm a little flat this year. Christmas is rolling towards us way too fast!! I'm not ready, motivated or excited.....yet. But the tree is up and it looks good! i just need some quiet time to stare at the tree!

  5. your cards are gorgeous :)

    we've been busy cleaning, cooking & decorating - cards are on the to-do list for Thursday.

  6. I was super-organised this year, also made our own Christmas cards. I hope you have received yours already, as it went in Dad's case to Aus x.

    1. Yesterday!!!and you completely tricked me with the Aussie stamps. I was hoping for some gruffalo ones!!

  7. Sometimes it's hard to get your festive happening on cue. You'll get there, Ally. x

  8. Despite my best intention the days up to Christmas always get away from me. I love receiving cards but hate writing them. Although I want to, I never seem to have any inspiration when I write, too tired usually and then I start to make mistakes and have to start again and then it really starts to lose it's appeal! x
    Beautiful cards by the way!


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