Friday, February 15, 2013

~ grateful for ... so much ~

I'm overflowing with gratefuls this week - the sun's been shining, I've had my hair done and life is good.
I'm grateful for summer afternoons where we can head to the beach after school and swim (even though we forgot bathers).

Grateful for the lovely school we're involved with, how welcoming they have been and how well my children are settling in (even my little klingon Jack who is so proud of himself in his school clothes and of the "work" he's doing at school).

Grateful for Lindt dark chocolate (with sea salt) that is my evening treat.

And super grateful that I won a little giveaway over on FB and this amazingly beautiful piece of stitching made its way safely from Belgium to Hobart this week.  Please check out Rhi's adorable work and think about treating yourself and your family.

{the original - Grace's self portrait from Kinder}

{a Tailorbird Designs version on linen, stitched with love, that I just adore}

Writing about being grateful never fails to leave me feeling more grateful.
Thanks Bron.  There are more gratefuls here too.


  1. Laughing about the bathers and loving your stitched portrait - that is something to treasure!

  2. That is really something to treasure, Rhi's work is lovely. It's so nice when the littlies are proud of their "work". x

  3. That is SUCH a great idea - the stitched portrait! Such a good job! Have a great weekend. x

  4. Oh I saw this one on her Facebook page the other day. So brilliant. I'm waiting for O to draw the perfect picture and then one will be mine! Enjoy your artwork x

  5. such a sweet idea, is looks great. It reminds me of someone who makes toys out of the things children draw, Child's Own ( - her work is lovely, too.

  6. That is awesome, how lovely a gift to win.

  7. Love the stitching! That's fantastic! And afternoon swims sound blissful! May your days keep shining ally x

  8. Oh yes it does sound like a great week and I love reading your gratefuls! So sweet dear lady....xx

  9. So much to be grateful for, lovely to take time out to enjoy x.

  10. A good haircut feels good, it's such a nice treat to sit back and relax for a while:) Swims by the beach and good days at school all sound just perfect to me. So glad you had a wonderful week. xx

  11. Gratefulness also uplifts the people you share it with.
    Thank you for your gift to me.

  12. Gorgeous stitching! What a fantastic idea, and so beautifully done.
    Thanks for your sweet comment on my gratefuls. I adored Barbara Kingsolver's The Lacuna. Always happy to meet a sister Frida freak! :)
    I feel your pain too... the delicious ache of separating from our children is never easy to bear. But what choice do we have?
    It's a crazy ride, this thing called life. Meeting kindred spirits along the way really does make the journey more bearable.

  13. Alice said it perfectly, "Gratefulness also uplifts the people you share it with."
    Thanks for sharing... and the self-portrait and stiching are both beautiful xx

  14. That dolly is just gorgeous, what a beautiful idea.


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