Friday, February 8, 2013

~ grateful for ... a great start ~

{holding hands with his sister as he walks into school}

Almost since he learned to speak he's been wanting to be bigger.
"Me not a baby, me a big boy" has been his refrain from toddlerhood.
We've all resisted.  
We still call him "bubba", we indulge him, we let him be "the baby king" of the family.

This morning he put on a school uniform
And suddenly he was.
A big boy.  My big boy.
Who's still my baby.

{the new breakfast routine}

We've been building up to today all week. 
The girls went back to school on Tuesday.  
Lily into grade 5 - no hassles there, she's used to the school, happy with her teacher and her class and loves the routine.  She's been up, fed, dressed and ready to go by 7 every day.  She adores school.
Gracie's starting grade 3 - a new school but with lots of her old classmates (they transition them beautifully from their infant school to this bigger primary school), lots of new friends and a beautiful teacher.  She's made the change seamlessly (so far)  and has largely had good things to report (apart from "the naughty boy" whose latest exploits we hear about every day... I wonder what his parents hear).

And today my baby started school.  
5 day fortnight kinder, in school, (as we do in Tassie) in uniform.
I hadn't been sure what to expect ... but he did brilliantly.  
We sat down and drew pictures together, he requested a "huge cuddle" and then went off to play with one of his little friends and didn't look back.  Me? - I was wiping the tears as I walked away.

And after school?... he wanted to know if he could go again tomorrow.

I'm so grateful that he's had a great beginning on this long school journey.
I'm grateful they've all had a great start this year. 
(and I'm grateful for my new {baby} school kid).

I'm back on my grateful journey.
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  1. Love your photos that capture the start. Such a relief to have them all sorted and happy isn't it!

  2. Aww when my time comes I am going to be a mixture of emotion (definitely teary) too. But so lovely that they're all loving it! Adore the breakfast routine image! Gorgeous Ally x

  3. That's wonderful that he's started so well. It's just a weight off your mind, isn't it? They are going to do just fine.

    Our babies!!!! x

  4. Oh I was in the same boat this year too, with no. two heading to school. It's so much easier when they've already been exposed to the school environment. Such a smooth transition for us. Gorgeous shots to BTW.

  5. So pleased your kiddies settled into school so well. I can't believe your baby is at school.

  6. That's lovely Ally! So happy for you, what a nice start to the year. The photos are adorable. x

  7. Oh, that's such a win! It just makes such a huge difference when they start off happy, and I still can't help shedding a few sneaky tears xx

  8. Oh so pleased it is going ok for you guys. Such sweet photo's. Take care xx


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