Tuesday, February 5, 2013

~ more lists ~

I still haven't written a shopping list but here are the two most recent lists from my #52lists project.

list 4 - favourite smells/scents

list 5 - favourite snack foods

I'm really enjoying this project.  I'm learning more about me as I sit and think then write it down.  

I don't give myself very long so its really the first things that pop into my head.  
Then I have a few "lightbulb" moments when I read other people's lists and realise I maybe should have added something else but really, they are what they are.  
A snapshot of me.  In a list.  Which is not really me at all.

What's your favourite snack?


  1. I love this meme of lists that I've being seeing a lot of lately. I like the snacks you've mentioned there, popcorn is another good one and cheese on toast too. xx

  2. I think my favourite snack changes depending on what's available....

    let's see - honey & (crunchy, no salt or sugar) peanut butter sandwiches, sliced up cheese & apple, dried fruit & nuts, fresh fruit & we've been loving these rye muffins: http://scandifoodie.blogspot.com.au/2011/07/quick-simple-rustic-rye-muffins.html

  3. What a great meme. I'll have to find out more about it. I love all of your suggestions. The smell of babies makes my heart beat faster and my favourite snacks would have to be Cacao Date Balls, Corn Cruskits with avocado, parmesan and pepper plus many many more. I just love snacks. Happy days to you. Melinda x

  4. Any food related question I will generally answer with 'pancakes!', and I see no reason to adapt that answer. I love pancakes.
    I also love peeking at your lists, Ally, hope you keep sharing them. :)

  5. My favourite snack is generally whatever the lastest treat my girls have discovered and baked- yum!!
    Not a list person yet but my daughter Kathryn (http://whimsyandco.blogspot.com.au/) is working on me :)

  6. Me too - the bit about reading others' lists and seeing things I've forgotten. At least I'm not listing about baby/organisational stuff...a nice break! x

  7. Loving reading these lists. I'm a list person too. Favourite snack right now is roasted almonds and cashews, and hummus with celery sticks xx

  8. Raw almonds, unsalted pistachios in their shells, popcorn, a little bit of chocolate now and then, curry pretzels (gluten-free), salsa with chips (corn), sorbet (raspberry or blood orange); Thanks for sharing yours, Ally. I love your blog!

  9. from Suzie in California


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