Friday, February 22, 2013

~ more favourite flowers ~

I quickly wrote my list of my favourite flowers this week (and was already ruing some of my omissions as I hit publish) and Iris kindly asked me to show my favourite shots of my favourites.

And so here they are.  
Well sort of.
These are the ones I could find today.
Minus daphne and gardenia because I simply cannot find a shot of them in my archives (although they're there - its my lack of organisational skills that are to blame - I really need to find the time to sort all my photos) and I really can't believe that I can only find an orange ranulcula (my least favourite colour of flower).

We're off to Victoria for the weekend for A Day on the Green (Lisa Mitchell, Paul Kelly and Neil Finn) - I'm so excited...I just wish I knew what to pack (always the dilemma).

Hope your weekend is fabulous.



  1. These pictures are absolutely beautiful! I'm so inspired to photograph the flowers in my garden too.

    PS: I'm hosting a Living Nature skin essentials pack giveaway at my blog, hope you enter:

  2. Oh wow! Wonderful selection of favourites (so hard to pick favourites isn't it) and amazing photos of each. Have a great weekend away.

  3. Чудесные фотографии. Я как раз ищу вдохновения для моих новых картин. И вот ваши фото - прекрасное вдохновение.

  4. Wow these are such beautiful photographs - so pretty! I love all the colours. xx

  5. Lovely photos.
    Have a great weekend
    PS Pack as much as you have room for :)

  6. I trulyI love your flowers... That is all.

  7. Beautiful photos. Enjoy the concert, it should be lovely, a nice warm night x

  8. Oh WOW I could look at these all day long Ally they are just stunning! So relaxing and calming! Day on the Green sounds ace! I remember seeing this one advertised and thinking it was just a bit too close to bubs being born to grab it turns out, I reckon we could have made it! Things are bobbing along nicely. And that would have been cool to have a wine and a boogie & meet you! Oh well, another time. Hope you have a blast! x

  9. Wow. Wonderful macro photography, Ally. Thanks for just letting me look.

  10. Gorgeous pictures Ally! Thanks for sharing :-)

  11. Oh you know how to florally impress a boy Ally :-)
    The DOTG lineup sounds fab! Went to one a year or so ago with Diana Krall, Melody Gardot and Madeleine Peroux ... just sensational :-)

  12. Sighhhhhh... how beautiful, Ally! Thanks for humouring me!

    Enjoy your trip!

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