Wednesday, February 27, 2013

~ what I've been reading ~

I struggled with this week's list for the #52 lists project.
Not because I'm not reading much (I read every day ... it's like a compulsion).
Its because I took the "great" part of the title of the list seriously ... so I've read a lot ... but most of its not even memorable, let alone great.
So these are my top of the tops for the first part of 2013.

Stasiland - I loved this.  Fascinating stories from East Germany in the era of WW2.

Keeper - one of my daughter's books.  I loved this too.  A complex story of mermaids, love, family and dreams.  The structure is unusual  - short chapters, lots of repetition, jumping around in time lines... but its a fabulous story and we've got lots to talk about.

For all Creatures - a picture book Jack chose from the library last week.  It's simply beautiful.  This is the practice of gratitude made real - for children (and their parents)...I'm going to write more about this with pictures soon.

A letter - you know I love mail.  This was a letter from afar that made me laugh and cry

Foxslane  - Kate's writing is honest and warm and I cannot wait for her book to be published

Raising Boys - I keep dipping into this - lots of wise words

Animal People - I just finished this - her art is in capturing the everyday lives of people so accurately - this book is about our values, how we treat animals and what that says about us - lots to think about.

What are you reading?
Do you try and keep up with what your children read?
Are you list-making this year?



  1. I really enjoyed my last book club book (The Language of Flowers, by Vanessa Diffenbaugh) & I've just started a Peter Whimsy mystery - written by a different author using some letters/notes left by Dorothy L Sayers. Seems pretty good so far.

    No kids yet, so no need to keep up with their reading :P

    1. I liked the Language of flowers too...a beautiful love story.
      The Peter Whimsy story sounds fascinating!

  2. I am reading more children's books than adult books! I miss reading a lot. Lovely list Ally xx


    1. Elisa - I still read waaaay more children's books than adult ones....but hang in there - the time for personal interest reading will return :-)

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  4. Managed to read two books on our short break to Malta. In fact, I devoured them.

    Beautifully written poignant story about dementia and the value of old age 'The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry' by Rachel Joyce.

    And a wartime love story set (mostly) in Egypt ' Jasmine Nights' by Julia Gregson.

    They were both an impulse buy at the supermarket checkout!

    1. PS. Meant to add that Mr B finally finished 'Modern Times' a history of the world from 1920 to 1990 by Paul Johnson :-)

    2. impluse buys are often the best!
      enormous tomes of history put me off...

  5. I've just started the 52 list, it's so much fun.
    I finished the night circus early this year and adored it. so, so good. I want to read it again.

    1. Oh Kathryn - I never wanted it to end - it was my book of the year last year.
      Have recommended it to so many people


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