Saturday, April 7, 2012

~ grateful for ... our family Easter time ~

gorgeous and easy choc/noodle nests (with mini-eggs!)

I've always loved Easter.

As a child, I remember trips up north to our friends farm near Stanley.
We would hunt for thistles, round up cows, drink amazing iced chocolates and play endless games of 500 and scrabble.  There was always a complex jigsaw on the go, the Nut to climb and mountains of delicious food.

I want my children to grow up with that same sense of it being family time, time to indulge and enjoy, time to relax and unwind, time to see old friends.

We made Emma's nests yesterday for old friends from Melbourne and we've constructed amazing Lego creations today.  We've baked and cooked and tonight we had a lovely, loud dinner with family.

I'm grateful for this time to enjoy my family, to indulge our love of chocolate and to keep making those special memories.

However and whatever you celebrate at this time may it be joyful.

(linking with Maxabella for all kinds of gratefuls)


  1. They look great, very effective.

  2. Great use of your fave eggs!...

  3. Oh Stanley, is that near Strachen (spelling??), i know i've been to Stanley, gorgeous. What sweet nests you've created, delicious too. Yumbo, love Posie

  4. how special, ally! i'm sure they will cherish these moments!

  5. Pretty, and your favourite - mini eggs!

    Lesley x.

  6. I grew up in Stanley, I wonder if I know your friends?
    Those nests look great, but where did you find the little eggs?

    cheers Kate

  7. Sounds like a beautiful family time and those Easter nests look gorgeous!

  8. Goooorgeous Ally! I looked for the eggs but only found a weird cheap choccy version, so didn't buy them. Where did you get the Cadbury ones? We had wonderful loud family time too and it was fantastic. My tummy is swollen and jeans tight - but soooo worth it! xx

  9. Hoping you have had a wondeful Easter, so glad to have found you through Maxabella. Gorgeous nests!

  10. Wishing a very happy Easter Ally.

    Those eggs in their wee choc-cooconut nests look especially delish :-)

  11. Happy belated Easter! Thanks for saying hi at my blog! it is always lovely to have new friends and visitors pop past!

  12. Now they loo delicious, although I think I have hit some sort of easter egg wall.


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