Monday, April 23, 2012

~ not quite what I had in mind ~

She's always danced.
Just about before she walked.
Always swaying, jigging, moving to a beat often only she can hear.
Ballet and gym only partially fulfill the need.

So its no wonder that the focus of our Sunday nights has become "Dancing with the Stars".
(its a negotiation worthy of the UN to see how many dances she sees before bedtime).

She seemed slightly disappointed this week.
Not because she missed her favourite.
Not because she had to (finally) go to bed.
"None of the girls did that rip-their-dress-off thing...I like it when they strip"



Does your family watch TV together?
What are your favourite shows?


  1. Oh that is so funny:) We do watch TV together too and the girls here love Dancing with the Stars, particularly any dress that sparkles;) Not sure we have a favourite we enjoy the Block and Masterchef but watch it on the weekends, there's no TV during the week for the girls.

    1. Hi Catherine...I keep thinking about the no tv during the week path but find it so much easier to control the 3yo at dinner prep time with ABC kids. Bad mummy!

  2. lol!!! laughter aside, love how you are so supportive of her passion!!!

  3. Oh that made me laugh! She loves the stripping, too cute. We don't watch TV at all. It wasn't a deliberate decision, it just happened naturally (I used to be a director's assistant) it sort of feels like work to watch it now. Shame really because I used to enjoy it. We pop it on in the arvo, ABC Kids that is. I want to start watching again though and I certainly don't want Bean to grow up as "that weird kid who doesn't watch any tele". I do feel quite out of touch. Is anyone watching The Voice? Everyone I know seems to be talking about it...

  4. ps...I meant to comment on your last post. I feel anxious. A lot. Making "stuff", photos, breathing, yoga, running all seem to help...sometimes. It is a beast of a thing, anxiety. Constantly trying to tame mine. xxxx

    1. I did wonder...
      Its only sometimes for me...usually when I'm tired

  5. This made me laugh. Thanks for your comment on my food post. There is a light at the end of the tunnel for you Ally, Rob's 16 year old daughter enjoys most foods now, and has done since she was about 13. Truthfully if I can have a baby sometime soon I won't even mind a boring menu! Although Rob tells me he's planning on being stricter about food this time around. I'd like to see that! He's a big softie.


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