Monday, February 6, 2012

~ the winds of change ~

It's inevitable.
Sometimes good, sometimes bad...
Always requiring a little adjusting; a switch in mood/attitude/behaviour.

We learn to cope.
To adapt.
Move forward.

The little one has been a little lot clingy.
I've been impatient.
Forgetting how small he is.
About all that has changed for him in the last few weeks:

  • A new bed.
  • No dummies.
  • No nappies.
  • Sisters home all the time.
  • A move to the big-kid room at care without his best friend.

And so I resolve to change. 
To be more patient and respectful. 
To marvel at his capacity to cope with all of this.
To nuture that ability. 
For it's that that makes us strong.

How do you cope with change?
How do you help your kids cope?


  1. I find it hard to change myself, I can find it a bit stressful so I try but do things slowly and so I can imagine how hard it can be for little ones. You sound like you are being very thoughtful to your little ones needs, it's hard when you are so close to someone to see things immediately sometimes. Miss 8 has coped pretty well considering how big her change has been, but she has been very tired and will sometimes have a few breakdowns so just lots of cuddles and talking and early to bed has helped. I hope your little one feels happier soon. xx

  2. A really good post Ally, such big changes for a little one you are right.Parenting can be so challenging at times... trying to put words to fears seems to be my best way to cope and help coping with changes. It is such an on going things having to change and coping with the upcoming changes, sometimes we just need extra time:)I keep meaning to read the "who moved my cheese book" too :) x

    1. Thanks Sandrine. I'll look for the book too.

  3. I embrace change,to adapt, to experience, to challenge, to grow, evolve and succeed, I am strong! And this I passively pass on to those I love.

  4. I loved this post Ally. I think I have been expecting a lot of Bean lately too...she started walking at Christmas which progressed to running very quickly. She's taller than her bub friends that are 12 months older than her...and her hair has grown a lot too. She LOOKS so much older than her 18 months. I have been expecting too much and becoming impatient with her cling. She's still so little! This only occurred to me on Sunday, exactly what you're saying here. Patience and respect - thanks for providing me with a little mantra, I've been needing it. I don't think I cope so well with change myself, know my Mum doesn't and her Mum didn't. Would like to pass on some coping skills to Bean though. Chris x

    1. I bet you have more skills than you know Chris

  5. you are a wonderful parent... so heartwarming!

    hugs from peru!

  6. For the little one - cuddles, and time. For the older one, talking it through helps.

    Me? I cope with change if I have control!


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