Friday, July 22, 2011

~started badly, ended up ok~

There's been lots not to like as we head out in the mornings this week - frosted up windows, icy roads...and then, this morning as we were rushing out,  this...

and not just my wing mirror - the Doc's as well (and the neighbours)

No, not the end of the world and no one was hurt (thank goodness).  
But it will end up costing us $700+ in insurance excess.  
Its the inconvenience,  the sheer bloody mindedness of it that gets me.
I loathe senseless, violent idiotic behaviour.

End of rant

Things slowly got better. 
I had a coffee alone.

I got an email saying I won a prize for my 6 word story over at this lovely blog.
I had another coffee (any day that's a 2 coffee day is ok in my books)

And we head off tomorrow for a girl's weekend which will be full of chat, laughs and bubbles (and more coffee)


  1. that's horrible about the mirror - really makes you wonder about people sometimes. But yay for two coffees, winning &girl's weekends :)

  2. Oh no that's so annoying, why do they do things like that it's so disrespectful. I hope you had a good weekend, definitely something great to look forward to. :)


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