Thursday, July 14, 2011

~ winter ~

Already it feels like a long, cold winter here on our little island.
Snow, sleet, icy winds, drenching rain....
Winter is when I remember to take my Vitamin D, I think fond thoughts of our life in sunnier WA where it felt like I never wore socks (let alone purple ugg boots) and I plan holidays.
I read books, I make soup and I miss my sodden, muddy and dull.
Today though the sun made its way through the felted grey clouds and I went for a wander.
I pruned a couple of roses, pulled out some stinky onion weed and I found treasures.

 ~the first little grape hyacinths (with their frilly bloomers)

 ~hellebores thriving in the back corner where we quickly thrust them all as the builders moved in

~ the last of the snow drops

~climate change jonquils (surely they're getting earlier)

And I dream about spring.


  1. Grape hyacinths with frilly bloomers, made me grin. Widely.

  2. Oh - I really love those little grape hyacinths too! *sigh* I do really wish for a cooler climate garden.
    I just saw word games in your "about me". We are currently having a Bananagrams phase - have you played? So much fun!

  3. Hi Tania - grins are good - wide ones better!

    Hey Sue - land's cheap here :-)

  4. Oh such beautiful flowers, i'm really enjoying the difference in the flowers blooming here in Brisbane versus the ones at home in Canberra in Winter, love Posie


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