Sunday, June 30, 2013

~ snippets from the end of June ~

 1.  My reading pile.  I finished The Light Between Oceans this week - a beautifully written story.  I sobbed. A lot.  Highly recommended.

2.  We've been the house of sickness this week.  Jack has had croup (Gracie thought I described his cough as creepy not croupy) and the rest of us are coughing and hoarse too.  The chest rub smells so good...the scent lingers in the bedrooms now.

3.  Crafting...there's always crafting and drawing and making going on around here.

4.  We usually make our own cards and with 5 parties this weekend we spend the afternoon on Friday stamping, colouring and drawing.  The kikki-k stamps get quite a work out.

5.  I finished this at 11pm last night for my niece's 6th party (one of the 5 for the weekend) that we celebrated here today.  It's from the new and improved AWW kids cakes books.  A new favourite on our bookshelf.

6.  My own special candle from Autumn's fabulous shop.  I created this scent  - lots of citrus and basil and ginger (I think) - its divine.  Lily's journal is sitting under a float of petals from those roses.

7. Hellebores in my garden.

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Have a lovely week.  I'd love to know what's in your reading pile - any recommendations?


  1. Lovely colourful week! It's great that your kids are so crafty, those cards look great & I love the birthday cake.

  2. the hellebore is so gorgeous!

    I read 'The Best of All Possible Worlds' by Karen Lord, not long ago & I highly recommend it, a beautiful story which I loved.

  3. Grace has been decorating those paper dolls this week too. Love the butterfly cake and your candle has me very intrigued... Thanks for the book recommendations - I'm currently reading 'The Gift Of An Ordinary Day', 'The Way Of The Happy Woman' and am about to start 'Bloom'.

    1. Those dolls are a perennial favourite - but the glasses got a good working over this weekend too! Will check out your books on Good Reads - thanks

  4. I have just finished reading The Hunger games trilogy by Suzanne Collins. I found it absorbing and thought provoking. Who cares if it is supposedly teen science fiction, right?

  5. We have a counter filled with Panadol, potions and runs this week too. I must admit to also loving the smell of our chest rub (tinderbox) so much so I would use it even if we weren't all stuffy! Xx ashley


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