Monday, June 17, 2013

~ raindrops on roses ~

It feels like its been raining forever.
The garden is sighing with relief.
We've been inside watching the fire, snuggling, reading, drinking soup, playing games, baking more cake.
We duck outside for firewood (or to play hockey in the sleet).
There was a break in the mist and the rain today.
I slipped outside in the silvery afternoon light looking for some raindrops on roses.
I was not disappointed.

What are your favourite things about winter?



  1. Oh WOW....what lens did you use??????

    1. Thanks Michelle - I've got a Nikon D80 and a (big boy) 105mm 2.8G macro lens that I'm a little bit in love with

  2. Oh my freaking god. These photos are spectacular. And pretty. And gorgeous. And lovely! xx

  3. so beautiful :)

    I love snuggling in front of the fire, frosty mornings, raindrops...

  4. These pictures are beautiful! GORGEOUS.
    You're very talented, Ally.
    I think I'm off to get those lens ;)

  5. These are amazing, am very partial to a good rose and a winter fire too. Beautiful photos. Found you through Em's blog, have a lovely week!

  6. Beautiful as always Ally. My favourite things about winter...the woodfire, snuggling under 2 doonas, soup, long boots :)

  7. So gorgeous! I love the water droplets... perfectly captured xx


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