Sunday, June 16, 2013

~ wintery snippets ~


1.  Raindrops on roses...always one of my favourite things

2.  Those camellias from last week are hanging on but look at the wintery landscape outside the window.  

3.  Ninjas everywhere.  There's even a whole movie about them...I watched every single minute last night!

4.  Wheat grown at school...with a curiously back to front name...he rarely does that...he's adamant we plant it outside with the parsley.

5.  Long weekend mini golf fun.  I say fun...the first 14 holes were great...

6.  We painted shells after our big beach walk last week.  Jack interpreted the activity more literally than I had anticipated... but they turned out great.

7.  Chatterboxes.  And endless questions and giggles.

8.  Rainy day baking.  This is Cathie's easy (and super yummy) orange cake.  It didn't last long.

Winter is here...with a venegeance.
It's rainy and grey, cold and bitter outside.  All our winter sports were cancelled yesterday - I may have been silently cheering when those texts came through.

We've been crafting, baking and playing inside.
I'm drowning in damp washing and it festoons the rooms where the heating is - not my favourite decorating theme at all but there's only so much that likes a trip through the dryer.

I'm not sure what this week holds... but there's no more school swimming and the Doc is home all week ... its sounding pretty good already.  Hopefully we'll get to some of the DARK MOFO (Tassie's winter festival) events - the Spectra light show has already had us talking and dreaming of UFOs.

I'm linking up with  tinniegirl and Em to share some snippets of life at our place. 


  1. I just checked out the orange cake recipe & I'm going to make it this week, looks delicious (& easy).
    Enjoy your week!

  2. That orange cake looks divine! And I just can't get over that beautiful chair of yours - what a wonderful wintery view you have from it. I would have loved to have gone to some of the DARK MOFO events, it's stuff like that which makes me miss living in Hobart!

  3. Your photos are always SO beautiful!

  4. I think I sighed at every single one of these shots (yes, even the Ninja Legos) - just beautiful! We are wanting to check MOFO out too but just waiting for an evening that isn't so icy.....wishful thinking maybe after the dumping of snow on the Mountain today. Have a lovely week with the Mr at home :-) Mel x

  5. yum, that cake sounds good! & the wintry weather is most definitely here as well - wet, cold & grey. Although we did have a little sunshine today :)

  6. Those roses and wintery view are just divine. It looks like a snowy day almost. Lovely to find your blog from Em's linkup. Bec

  7. oh these are beautiful! just love. so glad to have stumbled onto your blog. xo

  8. Beautiful photos, I love the pic of that cosy chair by the window. And rainy day backing is always a must. I find now that the days are cold now I'm wanting something fresh out of the oven and sweet to go with my cuppa. Elaina

  9. LOVE that chair by the window!

    Such beautiful photography and a stunning collection!

    xo em

  10. Beautiful shots, bot that cake looks yummy. You are making me want to bake (and eat) x

  11. That chair is so gorgeous! And the Lego Ninja all too familiar - did you know there's more than one season of Ninjago?! Yep, I too have had to sit through them ;)
    The orange cake looks delish! My house is smelling of shortbread, just baked. I love wintery baking.
    Lovely collection lady xo

  12. Oh that chair is just perfection! And I'm all inspired to get baking after seeing that yummy orange cake.
    Sophie x

  13. My Aunty has that exact chair by her window in chilly Orange, NSW (it belonged to my Grandma). Beautiful fabric. Beautiful home x


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