Monday, June 3, 2013

~ garden mood board may/june 2013 ~

It feels like winter is still creeping up on us this year.
It's still sunny and warm (ish) and so dry.
Our garden is neglected - too many other fun things to do on clear, sunny days.
The leaves have almost all fallen - they carpet the lawn - they invite scrunching and swishing and tossing.
There are a few herbs, scattered flowers.

It's hibernation time, time to pause, to wait and watch.

How does your garden grow?
I share a mood board each month with Karin and others
Do join in.



  1. gorgeous - love the bunch with the rosehips :)

    we have had quite a bit of rain, so the garden is damp & green - the weeds are especially happy, lol

  2. HOW PRETTY...and so very creative!

  3. wonderful pictures. I love the autumn but right now it feel so far away. summer has just arrived and the garden is exploding with colours and life.

  4. Mmmm...:)..I love your mood board!
    Creative and so nice:)
    Tanks for looking into my blog:)

  5. I love autumn leaves. When my children were little their grandfather would take them for a walk and they soo loved to run through the piles of leaves.
    They still do given the chance:)

  6. A lovely mood board this month. Beautifully photographed.
    My garden grows very well x.


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