Monday, July 15, 2013

~ school holiday snippets ~





Another week of phone snippets - even though I took my big camera to Melbourne for 3 days I hardly took it out - and most of the shots are overexposed and/or blurry - really need to make some time to get to know that f1.4 lens.

Its school holidays week one.  My resolutions to be calmer and not so "yelly" are not fully realised but I'm trying. 

We've been to the park, for coffee, we've crafted and cooked and had 3 wonderful days in Melbourne visiting friends, ice skating and getting lost in the wonder that is Monet.

1.  Hellebores from the bottom of the garden sitting in a make-shift vase making me happy.

2.  Happy arty-crafty walls.

3.  Afternoon tea at Daci & Daci (a must do if you're visiting Hobart)

4.  Sweet Alice defrosting after one of our chillier mornings.

5.  Black Puffer tribe - the Tasmanian winter uniform loose on the streets of Melbourne.

6.  Great coffee spot in Caulfield.

7.  Matching legs and the brightest sneakers she could find anywhere!

8.  That gorgeous ceiling at the NGV.  The Monet exhibition was superb.

9.  Those curls and the water window at the NGV.

I'm linking up with Em's lovely stills collection


  1. oh those hellebores! they are so beautiful x

  2. Your flower shots are always so beautiful! Lovely shots this week.

  3. those hellebores are so pretty & that stained glass(?) ceiling!

  4. Lovely stills. And lol at the puffer uniform! Here in Alice Springs, it's beanies!

  5. hellebores are lovely.
    I'm so behind on blog commenting. I wished you a good Melbourne trip and you're already back! hehe, oh well :)

  6. They are all so lovely! Especially love your hellbores. So pretty!

    Have a great week ahead! xx

  7. Oh I have one of those puffer jackets too. My Tassie friends always say that the south coast of WA IS essentially Tasmania. The land here and there used to join up eons ago and it seems we even dress the same way!

  8. This is a lovely collection. I especially love that first photo. Kellie xx

  9. School holidays are the best aren't they. What a great start you have had.


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