Thursday, August 22, 2013

~ playing catch up ~

I'm playing catch-up with the 52 lists project today but I also feel like that's a bit like what my whole life is at the moment.

 - I fished not-very-dirty-but-definitely-not-clean soccer socks out of the laundry for Lil to wear to training today (I don't think I'm ever going to catch up on the washing until the weather clears).

 - I'm playing phone tag with a couple of friends whom I haven't spoken to in months (I probably will never catch up on their winter news).

 - I owe a couple of people snail mail  - a nice job but not high on the priority list.

 - the front path is still waiting for a make-over 4 years down the track of me promising to get onto it.

 - last years bulbs are still in the garage!!

 - let's face it ... I'm never going to get on top of editing/filing/sorting all my photos...unless I put down the camera for a year and dedicate myself to it full time that is.

How are you going?
Are you super-organised and on top of things?
Or playing a little catch up?

What are your favourite childhood books?


  1. Oh Ally I've thrown in the towel and resigned myself to the fact that I'm never going to catch-up on life, at least not in the foreseeable future. I'm not as organised as I want or need to be. sigh. I love your lists. You had some rather fancy dinners as a child - Lambs Fry?
    Have a lovely weekend! Mel x

  2. Playing catch up here too. I loved Where the Wild Things Are! xx

  3. We all play catch up at some time...but doesn't it feel good when you've made some headway! Love your lists!

  4. I love Air Supply too! And I really love lamb's fry! x

    1. Really? I've never met anyone but my mum who loves lamb's fry!!

  5. Richard Scarry books were one of my favourites, I also loved the tv show.
    It depends on how I feel as to whether I'm behind or not, right now I'm just trying not to think about all the writing I need to do next week...


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